Day 3 of the submissive guides advent calendar for submissives – The wise words.

So today on are submissive advent calendar Words of wisdom that we have been given, found , or stumbled upon in are journey through life or in submission. how they have inspired us and stayed with us over time. The were 2 activities to day. The first was to sit and spend 5 minutes thinking of all the wise words you have received over the years. thinking about how the effect you and why they have stuck with you. The second was to take these wise words and turn them in to a holly bundle Christmas decoration. As much as I wanted to make the holly bundles , we have had a really busy day . We all went to mass , went a bought the last bits of are Christmas decorations , had a Lego building marathon , homework and babies to care for, so we did the first.

It was actually a really awesome way to spend 15 minutes of quiet time. I got to sit with a cup of tea, reflecting on the past and how it has shaped me as a submissive. we as a family , well us girls chose to kind of build on the idea , by listing them and chatting about while we cooked dinner. what was amazing , well I think was how we all had listed advice that we had got from each other and how they had affect us!

some of the words of wisdom I listed.

  • breath , just breath. keep moving forward, take baby steps if you have to but just keep moving, and just breath.
  • What make you weird and different , is you greatest strength.
  • in submission I find power.
  • It’s ok to not be ok all of the time.
  • The is nothing wrong with a good girl having a naughty side.
  • Love should never hurt , unless you want it to.
  • Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
  • Never under-estimate the power of a coy smile and shy eyes.

Well that was todays, cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Pixie x x x x

Beaulac Family update – Team Pixie.

So I did post my diary this and won’t next week as it has a lot of stuff in it about stuff we have going on with in are little family unit that the girls want to keep hush-hush. So I have orders to post a family up date. So here we go!

Maîtriser / Boss Man – Well the French man has been working hard as always, but has also been looking after us all tip-top! He has been cooking dinners and breakfast that are to die for. He was amazing when I was stuck in the hospital and came in every night to have dinner with me. He also had a night out with the boys , that he took babe with him. So he came home earlier than we thought, did not drink and he even when and got us all happy meals. (I got fries, fruit and a wrap with salad and spicy mayo, that was lush and also carrot sticks!!) . He has also blown me out the water by saying that he is going to work from home on Thursdays starting in the new year. This means I can leave the little ones with him and go back to my creative writing class. Love you froggy x

Babe – Well what can I say about babe , well as always she is my hero , crush and sexiest woman alive! Work is going much better for her , now that she is working for herself. She has now got a Brand new Hyundai I10 so she can zip round and not have to worry about need to find a huge parking space that she would with the family car! she has also been think about looking at doing one day a week at the local hospital cutting and styling wigs for cancer patients in memory of her sister. She did however end up getting a spanking for being late home and not ring to say she would be late! 20 on each check!

Kitten – we had need to celebrate this week with kitten, she has finally reached her goal weight and gained 5 extra lbs on top of it! work is going well and she is far more relaxed, although I keep distracting her!(but she is cute and yummy). She has been a good little Kitten and has kept up going to her therapy sessions each week, with the help and support of my Aunty May! Kitten also came up with an idea that her and I could set up a little etsy store , selling the Dog collars and bits we make for my dogs and the rescues I work  with. Thinking of calling it Cat and Mouse designs!

Little Bear – My clever little girl is now a fully fledge vet nurse! So we had to have a party for that! while I was in hospital she did most of the cooking and very proudly sent me pics of everything she cooked. She has officially adopted My great-uncle Fred as her granddad and I think she is now his fav none blood granddaughter! He has been giving her cooking lessons too! She did manage to knock a crown out , remembered we keep a kit to fix broken teeth, tried to fix her’s and cermnted herself to the kitchen table!

Mouse / Pixie – Well I’m out of hospital , for now! It was a good job went , if I’m truthful I was bloody frightened this time round. My lips went blue and I was really struggling. I wish this was a one-off , but my chest and lung damage are a daily worry to me, but I’m not letting rule my life! The babies are doing great , but raspberry seems to like laying along my sciatic nerves and that hurts like buggery! So got just over 5 weeks till D-day, how did that get here that quickly! This weekend is nursery prep time! Babe is putting furniture together , kitten and little bear are painting and I get to make it look pretty! I have decided that I’m going to go back to my writing class in the new year, cos I really miss it and it is kind of self-care thing. I am also going back to teaching on a Monday night and even though I’m on leave , I have been planning some course ideas and writing pitches for them. I have also somehow managed to get 7 dogs qualified for crufts in flyball , agility and rally! so I will be shattered after crufts next year!

Well that’s us! How are you all going and what are you up to?



Were Loving…..

Well I’m sat in hospital again…. Yeah I am feeling sorry for myself, but it won’t last , promise! I have to say though if it was not for the interweb , Skype and Apple tech, this little Pixie might be oh here knees, begging to go home! I have 2 IV’s in my port, prong oxygen and hospital food to deal with! So as a way of dealing with it I’m doing a ‘i’m loving it!’ list (do-dah-dah were loving it, yup I’m ripping Macdonald’s off!)

ProudToBeKinkiny Podcast – So yeah , while listening to the Loving BDSM Podcast the lovely Kayla mention that they were going to be on the ‘ProudToBeKinky’ Podcast, and of course 4 sets of shell likes pricked up! Are little family , well us girls love sitting and listening to a Podcast and doing something together (or doing each other), so when we hear of a ‘new’ New Podcast that we might like, we jump at the chance! So I downloaded the Podcast and we gave it a go, well what can I say , we did not stop laughing from start to finish! We downloaded a couple more to check the quality was there, Road testing them in the pits at drag met. Well if a Podcast can get a bunch of bikers laughing and going owwww that sounds like fun, well it has to be good! Sealing the deal of them going in to my weekly listening list was the fact that my Great Aunty May approves! We listen together doing the ironing on a rainy Tuesday morning. She thought it was ver positive , Floss was a sweetie and her other half is a dirty little sod!

Kink Craft – So I can not shout loudly enough about theses guys! Pixie and Mathew have an awesome website, Podcast, Plus size latex clothing and courses! The Podcast for me has been a huge help for me on a lot of levels. Firstly THey have a sort of rant at the start of the actual Podcast, that is about the stuff that is going on in the normal world , but refreshingly in a way I would. Then the is the fact that they put out an article at the start of the week, that they also do an audio version of the article. Which for little old me is amazing, with all my lack of Englishness and broken brain! But above all it is just the fact that it is total Body positive  from start to finish!

Tiggers Collars – Ok so everyone knows Pixie love her collars! I sort of re-found these guys after the Boss Man bought my first ever kitten collar from them. Up till then I had A sliver chain day collar, a black leather play collar and purple calves leather studded for clubs. I was allowed to make a short list of collars I liked on Etsy, and I stumbled across Tiggers Collars. I just fell in love with a very simple little purple leather collar that tied at the back with a ribbon and had I tiny little silver d ring at the front! When it arrived it was stunning and beautifully made. Well 2 years on and I have loads more collars , but I wanted a new kitten collar. That is when I found them and there awesome little on line store. They now have a range of leather , vegan leather and PVC collars that are both girlie and a little bit punky , so I love them! they even have day collars, BDSM jewellery and stuff for Doms! I have 3 collars from them now , and they are so bloody awesome that I can not recommend them highly enough!

So that is my gushiness done. The are some things that have been peeing me off, but I have decided to be a happy little Pixie and let them go!!!


Pixie x x x x



The diary of Pixie Heart – 12/6/17 –

Monday 12th June 2017: 6am – Up and at them! so happy and got my bounce back!!! Woke you up how I’m meant too as well!

6.20 am – yay shower with Babe! she is so kind and even shaved my legs for me! getting out to find you chose my cloths for me again made me really happy! Purple Maxie dress, no bra and black lace boy shorts, with my Birkenstocks sandles! hair up in a messy bun and light make up. I look really pregnant today :/

7am – See I is all better! I made you steak and eggs! thank you for making me my breakfast smoothy! toast and fruit for me and the girls , but aunty may is having a fry up!

8qm – do you have to go to work?! you could stay home and we could fuck?!

8.30 am – squeak! tattoos and piercing for the girls !!! thank you for my treats as well , I know and understand why I’m not allowed to get them till after sprogging.

9.15am –  ok need to pee again! could you ask you kids to stop jumping on their poor mothers blader!

10am – made it in the city, but dear god is it hot and sticky!

12am  – tattoos and piercings done! Babe did not flinch and Kitten just swore a lot. Little bear, well she cried, ouched and nearly broke my fingers off! I had to feed her spirit and animal crackers the whole time and a bar of chocolate after!

1pm – ok so back on the eating for the whole family! banana milkshake, bean bugger, sweet potato fries and fried pickles. with a massive tomato and spinach salad! don’t judge , but I want ice cream too!

3pm – Shopping done! I can’t hide my bum any more and I have actually bought maternity jean! also finally got outfits for the conferees sorted!

3.30pm – home just in time for a nap and I’m taking Kitten with me, cos I need muddles! Frenchie I passed my foundation degree! and a 4.00 GPA!

5pm – Woken up by a kiss from you! oh you are so coming to bed for a bit , I have a Kitten and I’m not afraid to use her!

6pm – see I knew we need a Dom cuddle session! I love when you put us across the bed and let us kiss and play with boobies , while you keep swooping sides and who you fuck! also love you growling heads down, bums up!

7pm – hehehe! pizza and salad take out , cos we was fucking!

8pm – bath time and Babe reading to me as a treat!

9pm – Why do I need to go to bed at 9pm and with little bear? I’m not tired!!!

Tuesday 13th June 2017 – 5.30am – Ok I was super tired! Good lord I need to pee so bad already!

5.45 am – ok can we snuggle?! and yes by that I mean I feel frisky 😉

6.30am – hehehe, that was fun and by god was it nice to make Babe come like that! Shower time now buster, you are not kissing my aunty with your beard smelling and tasting like me!

7.15 what has gotten in to you?!?! not that I did not like that .you washing me, and than bending me over  , planting my hands on the wall, pushing my feet apart and then just fucking me! oh and the shower head on pulse on my clit, dear god in heaven sweetheart!

7.30 am – ok have you got a new Lolita look kinky going on?! loving the cut off overalls and mini mouse vest top and sandles look tough! oh and by the way I love the light makeup and pigtail look!

7.45am- FOOD!!! I had a bowl of bran flakes with a banana , 2 slice of toast and a boiled egg, 3 figs and yoghurt and a massive glass of milk!

8.30am – I still have to do English lesson?! oh poop!

10.30am – Bloody hell! that was tough! Right pee time and off to look at community college for me!

12.30pm  – Yay I want to go here so bad! they have great arts and writing programs, they do a start-up your own business thing , and an amazing chace for the babies!

1.15pm – we got to meet you for lunch! salad , soup and bread ! and more fruit and yoghurt! and cuddled and kisses for me!

2.30pm – So yeah we seem to of made in to maceys again! oppsssie!

4pm – Home for a nap on the deck in the sun , and yes I have sun cream and hat on!

5pm – woken up by a kiss again! oh and ice tea, nice touch!

6pm – aunty may and little bear made chips, veggie fingers and peas and corn!

7pm – family tv time!

10pm – time to get ready for bed?! yes Boss!

11pm – bed time story was inspired chose dude! cuddles and sleepy time!

Wednesday 14th June 2017: 4.20 am – So yeah I’m awake and yeah I sort of kind of woke you up to , but baby names are not going to choose themselves Frenchie!

5.45am – So we got names sorted, birth stuff sorted and a plan for baby shopping done! thank handsome for indulging me and just letting me talk it all out of my little head!

6am – shower time , come on get your butt In their mr! little t is not going to clean himself, that is my   job!

6.20am – Clean! today I have decided to wear a blue summer dress with sandle, hair in pigtail and light make up! yes I will wear a hat and yes I will have my water bottle with me!

6.45am – I’m making waffles and bacon! mine and Kittens will have fresh fruit and yoghurt with them!

7.30 am – do you have to got to work?!? We could all go swimming or kidnap Sir beasty and …. *pouts, stamps foot and looks sad*.

8.30 am – so we have decided we need to go by mor panties at target, no really we do!

10.15am – Ok so panties seems to of turned into baby, dog and house shopping trip to target! oh and can you please talk to little bear about what she says in public and how loudly she says it please? Today we had ‘ Pixie I love reading sex toy reviews on your twitter feed, when are we going to start doing them? The 4 of us masturbate enough’ . the worse part is aunty may was doubled over laughing!

11.30am – ok So you rock frechie! getting home to find you have a massive food parcel delivered and its got a picnic for us to have on the deck, holy mother is that ace!

12.30pm – So sitting on the deck, under a sun awning and eating with the girls is heaven! so soing this all of next summer with the babies!

2.30pm – Sleepy now ….

5.10pm – awww I crashed again, didn’t I! thank you for waking me up with a kiss, but  what’s with the bag and card!?!?

5.30pm – I’m Skyping your mother I don’t care what time it is! that is like the signal most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me!

6.30pm  – So I have stopped crying , for now! no I will not take my sparkly ring off , your mamma gave it to me! Chinese food tonight and a Game off-chance! yup I think are nerd is showing!

9pm – I did not cheat! My boobies look huge all the time! why is Aunty May going to bed early again, what are you up to?!?

11pm – Mercy , I call mercy! my bits are too sensitive! good grief, where the flip do you a) come up with this, b) get your energy and c) how do you get the girl to do that?!

12pm- Ok so your aftercare rocks! bagels, hot milk , lotion , pj’s and a bed time story , night you wonderful man! x

Thursday 15th June 2017: 6.20am – Tired and sorely , can I stay in bed?!? Ok a shower with kitten it is 🙂

6.40am – Really love the fact that it would appear I’m going to be doing the bare foot and pregnant look today! I am also loving you choice of undies, or should I say a thong and that’s it! light make, hair in a mess bun , and red lippy! you know I’m horny right?!?!

7am – big breakfast!

8am – Do you have to go to work?! oh meetings and people be damned! *stamps foot, pouts and hides your shoes*

8.30am – chore list says to take it easy and 4 hours of writing. I want to do washing and clean the kitchen!!!!

9.30 am – So you wont stay home, you teased me to the point of coming last night and now I’m horny, resting and allowed my phone! you have been warned, Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

9.45am – boobies pic and suggestive quotes it is then!

10.30am- I can’t focus to write and I’m wriggley , please can I go read and have a wank, please!!!

12pm – soup a salad and we bread for lunch! can I 69 with Kitten , please!!!

1pm – I told you I was going tease yah! please, please,please can I go calm myself down?!?

2pm – I’m going to exploded soon! Why has Babe got her evil grin on ?

3pm – Oh you delightfully twisted sod! edging and control practice at the hands of Babe, Yummy! bring it on dude!

4pm – Nap time, Babe let me come and I is now exhausted. Zzzzzzz

5.30pm – your home a full hour early and whats in the bag??

6pm – dinner of homemade veggie starfy and sticky rice!!!

6.45pm – What’s in the bag?!?! oh and yes I love dvd in the family room!

8.15pm – Bath time with little bear. I think she might of put too much bubble bath in though?

8.35 pm – thank you for saving us an I really am sorry you shirt and tie got wet 😦

9pm – why don’t I have my jammies?

11pm – uncle! stop, I can’t take any more, bloody fucking Norah! So you go a new paddle and toys! I need to drink a gallon of water after that. Fuck! Oh and book on bondage for babe? Christ I’m watching my step from now on!

11.30 pm bedtime story and cuddles, best after care ever invented, night x x x x

Friday 16th June 2017: 6.30 am – ok so I’m shattered , so not having caffiene  today. only 3 days left out here, don’t want to go home 😦 So shower and get ready for the day 😦

7am – thank you for the cuddle in the shower, I feel very small and delicate. I just want to hide :(and thank for choosing my cloths!

7.15am – toast, fruit and yoghurt , and bran flakes! really wish you could be off today, but ill have fun sight-seeing with the girls!

8am – I have been thinking , but could we read the book club book together now that I don’t have home work?! just a thought 🙂

9am – good lord what the flip does it take to get a baby girl, two subs, and pregnant little out the house?? Aunty May and Muffins!

9.45am – Ok so I don’t think I could or will ever tirer of saying , ‘Oh just taking the subway in to Manhattan’ London and paris are great to look round , but it is awesome here!

12pm – Lunch and a sit down! Cripps my feet hurt and I’m all hot! Not sure if little bear and aunty May liked the art as much as the rest of us, but will be happy with the aquarium .

5pm – Off to meet you from work! love doing this so much! and going out to eat after work to!

7pm – Stuffed! I love the fact that over here the don’t think I mental for just having side!

8pm – I’m tired out , can I just chill and watch tv? oh and can I have my foot rub early, Please???

10.30pm ok bed time story and sleeps!

Saturday 17th June 2017: 5am – So I’m freaking out , it is less that a week to the conference and I am in a different country! I should be helping them all out and pulling my weight. also I have only jus realised that I’m doing a whole flipping hour and that I am freaking on in between like amazing speakers! Thank you for saying I could get up and write. brain is moving at a million miles an hour!

6am – so got that all out my head! thank god , I never knew how much of the stuff I worry about is actually really nothing for me to worry about at all! silly pixie! so shower and get dressed , then breakfast Skype call with steve!

8am – Ok so defo nothing to worry about on the conference side of things , admin Alison is on it! all I need to do is to booster my confidence and yay!

9am – family day! ok I’m voting for sitting on the deck and reading or an Underworld marathon!

12pm – yay we finally get to have burgers on the deck cooked on the grill!

1pm- what do you mean by ‘cute’ when I eat chilles and lime;)

2pm movie time!

3.45 pm – ok so , yeah , hi….. did I full asleep again!?

5pm – One last pizza and salad blow out before we go!

7pm- eaten too much , can’t move! Movie and early night!

9pm – so I have woken up now its time to go to sleep!

11pm – hehehe! I wore Little bear out! Babe gave her a good old spanking too! But best bit was tag teaming you with kitten! I may be 4 moth pregnant , but I still got moves and I know damned well how to use them!

Sunday 18th June 2017 – 6am – up and at them buster! yup plan home day! really don’t want to go , but hopefully next time will be back with babies and back for good! So get that cute butt in the shower!

7am – everyone up, showered and ready for one last breakfast t the dinner!

8.30am – I am going to miss this place so much!

9.30 am – Ok so packing time! yay! {(not)

12.30 – Last lunch at our little dinner 😦 can we not stay?!)

1.45pm – Keys dropped off I’m just going to put this here, I’m not having ago or moaning or being a brat, but I really don’t want to go home. I don’t want to deal with my family, work or the midwife. I want to stay sat on the deck , chilling and taking naps. but I have to be an adult and go home, but I just want to say I was super happy here and cant wait to come back for good.

5pm – get the feeling sir beasty might be majorly pissed at me 😦

6.17pm- I have never been more willing to take sleep meds and just sleep the whole way home!

1/6am – I have time traveled and I’m almost home, night or morning Frenchie…

Well I have made it home to my quiet little corner of the uk! I’m kind of sad to be home, sure I get to the dogs, my god kids and nieces and nephews, but I was really happy and felt settled in New Jersey . So I will rest today and be back on top tomorrow!


Pixie x x x x






What Does Dominance Mean To You?

So the Boss man signed to the 30 days of D/s that Loving BDSM. I think cos I’m on a break from college and he’s worried that my brain will stagnate if left with nothing to do other than look pretty. Might have something to do with us all uprooting from the sunny old UK to sunny NYC and New Jersey for the next 5 weeks. Also pretty sure it has something to do with him knowing if I have too much free time , I tend to get in to a pickle or cause mischief!

So what does Dominance mean to me?! well if I look at it from a work view (bear with me I’m a dog behaviorist ) a dominate in the animal kingdom is the one who is In control of others with in a group. They are not the one who gets the of things or the who uses their position to get what they want. The protect the weaker members , make sure those who need more get more and they make the presence felt when needed. I guess that is kind of what I think of a Dom in the D/s senses.

Not that i have always seen it that way in the past. My first proper Boyfriend that i had at the age of 17 , was very much the ‘Alpha male ‘ Type . We kind of fell in to a D/s thing. I started hang out with people on the fetish scene in the early 00’s and he came with me. He watch the Doms and tried to emulate them. It was very clear that I’m extremely submissive and always very eager to please. But he never listened, pushed my limits to far and always made me feel like crap. I saw other subs and slaves being treated with respect and love . So for reasons i’m not going in to it ended, badly. but i took a step back and actually thought about what i ‘Need’ from a Dom.

Well more than anything i need someone who will make me feel safe and protected. Some one who will respect my limits and push them. Someone who gets that i need to feel needed and loved. Someone who will listen to what I’m saying verbally and none verbally. who could get inside my head , not freak out and who can get the best out of my broken little brain. Someone who can see me at my worst and still want to love and protect me.

I was really lucky that some friends , who i played with (that’s code for fucked), had some free time and offered to come stay with me. (ok if they didn’t do that i would have been spending time in a mental ward) . They asked if they could bring their dom with them. Now having a big old house with spare rooms so what the heck the more the merrier , right? Well that was my undoing!

I had known there Dom from the age of 19 and he was a very lovely and dear friend. He made sure that if I was out on my own i got home safe ,  talked and explained things to me and even held my hand if thing got to loud or crowed. But living with him, dear god was that hard. not in a bad way in the way that i spent the whole time want ing to screw his brains out! So after a night of drinking , some encouragement and i went and screwed him. Waking up i thought ‘Oh way to fuck up a friendship!’ But no , it was made clear that if i need a friend with benefits he was there for me.

It took me a month of going out with him and the girls , seeing how well he treated them and wanting so much to have that in my life. So over breakfast one morning i ask, half heartedly if he want a new sub. To my shock he said he was for discussing it. lol and by god did we discuss it. he set out what he expected and asked what i wanted and needed. rules were set out and he made it clear i had to earn a collar. But i earn’t it and his love.

That was 2 years ago and i have learnt so much. I now know that A Dom is meant to care for their sub , keep them from harm and to help them grow in to a happy and fulfilled person. That a proper Dom will not micro- manage you , criticise everything you do or hurt you for their own pleasure . He’s help me with pretty much every aspect of my life . I have gone from a painfully shy , broken brained girl. to some body who can stand up for herself , who is happy and loved. He has taught me that nothing bad will happen as long as I’m open and willing to try solve my problems.

So in short dominance means my safe place, that I can be me , loved , needed and what I need to be. His my clam and quiet places and pushes me to be the best me I can!


well not sure where or who tat came from! cathartic I would defo say!

Pixie x


where the hell has Pixie Heart been!?!?

Well I’m back, again! It feels like years since I last had 5 mins to myself , weeks of not being at home and living out of a suitcase have nearly killed me, but it’s sorted now and I’m back! Basicly I was ill, my family acted like t!&$s, we got attacked by a cyber robber and the boss man’s business interests turned nasty! (I know what his main job is , but I keep out of any other business dealings!)

We got sent on what turned out to be an epic holibobs to Italy for 2 weeks , came home and within 24 hours got sent away again, this time flanked by big Steve and Mus. I had to teach and the was no way of getting out of it so , the girls , dogs and our body guards all had to come with me. Turned out to actually be great fun and we all had a blast. But on Monday night myself and the girls skyped the Frenchie and begged to come home. Yes we had each other, but it was not home . It was missing are Boss man and with everything we have going on as a group and personally , none of us were coping very well. Turns out neither was the frog , so we manged to negotiate us coming home. So we are home!

The are rules to us being home so we stay super safe, but we are home!

well that’s where we have been and now were back!

so hugs,

Pixie x x x x

Diary of Pixie Heart – 13/3/17 to 19/3/17


Diary: Mouse

Monday 13th march 2017: 6am – Ahh! Ok so yeah, shattered still! Up, yoga done dogs walked and meds and breakfast eaten, Neb done. Showered, dressed and hair and makeup done! Little one is over the moon that her new bra fits and said she feels sexy!

9am – Cardiff here we come.

11am- Ok how quickly do you think 4 girls can pee?!?! And yes, I do need hot milk and a gingerbread man, thank you very much!

12.30pm – Dear god, I have never in the 13 years I have known babe seen her lose her calm , strong woman front , but dear god! Thank you for being her rock for the day, she needs you and us, my poor , brave girl!

3pm – thank you for saying Babe can stay at her mum’s tonight, she needs to be with her family and needs understanding and love. Hate it when she is not home , but here is where she needs to be! Thank you my love x

6pm – Only just made it home in time to get changed and back out to work! see you later big man!

11pm – Well I’m shattered! Bloody fuming, do I have the word MUG on my forehead or something?!? How dare Bloody Lucy change the time of classes, what we teach and how dare she think she has the right to set dates for classes! Jesuses Christ in the head instructor, I had 2 weeks off sick and she thinks I need her to take over ‘Running orders and Classes timetables’. Well , she is in for a shock. I must go to the committee with mishandling complaints and about her style of teaching. We are force free and work to a ‘do no harm’ ethic, so well she is in for a big old shock! Rant over, bed time story and cuddles with you and sleep! Love you foggy! X x x

3.45am – Bloody dream about the fucktard and waking up crying again is not how I wanted to wake up! But I was a good girl, took my sleep meds and cuddled back in to Kitten, and was soon fast asleep again!

Tuesday 14th March 2017 : 7.30am – OH MY FLIPPING GOD! I slept so late!! Thank you Kitten for walking the big dog, thank you my little bear for taking the little dogs and thank you for letting sleep, I needed that big time! So, in cooking breakfast!

9am – Ok so washing all done and out drying, ironing under way and then packing for holibobs! Wish you could come and did not have to stay and work or sort the net gremlins out L But I get to look at your cute baby pics with your Nona, so ….

12pm – ok you coming home for lunch and a quickie is always fun and making us all come is EPIC! What has got in to you?!?! But thank you for the bite marks in my boobs and shoulder, now everyone will know who’s I am! And yes I’m wet writing that and horny and blushing like hell!

1.45 – Thank you so much! Dog and house sitter in the form of the boys! So I know my dogs, my house and you will be looked after for the next 2 weeks!!!

4pm – Oh dear, call from father Michael to say aunty may is ‘rather happy’ and can I come get her! She is 81 years old, I’m her great niece and I’m the one picking up a drunk! Oh, lord I think her and you mum, plus the girls in Rome is going to be, FUN!

5pm – Really wish you was home , aunty may is being a little difficult and she would just comment about your bum and flirt with you!

6pm – thank you for coming home right on time! Aunty may meant you have a nice bum silly head. She and jazzy have been stalking my Instagram feed. Poor beasty, never going to leave him in a room with bear or may after a few drinks! They would rape the poor man . (hell, we all would, but hay J


7.50pm – oh for fucks sake I am putting a very drunk aunty to bed! Trying to take her bra off by pulling it down her body and getting it stuck cos knicker and skirt got in the way… Yes, the women in my family should come with a health warning, but in that bad, am I?!?! I’m locking are bed room door tonight, knowing my luck she come in to find me giving you a blow job and give me pointers!

8pm – Housekeeping shower! Yay you got me clean big time! I do love when you just bend me over and fuck me, I needed that and I still want more Frenchie! Bed time?!?! And I don’t want cuddles!

11pm – holy fucking god! Should of known you had a few tricks up your sleve for tonight. 69’s, no hands, spankings, strap on and nipple and clit clamps! Having to change the sheets before sleeping is always a good thing! I do love the twisted basterd side of you my darling!!!

Wednesday 15th march 2017.: 5 am – Ok, up, dressed, breakfast and out the door in 3o mins is AHHHHH! How has may not got a hang over ?!?! Airport here we come!!!! Miss you already! X x xx

7am – can we please , please , please get the little bear some help for her fear of flying , other than a huge amount of sedative?!  A very giggly , little girl , is a very hard to get on a plane! Thank god for Aunty may and Leonie!

10am – Flight went without any of cuasing a major international insurgent, so Yay! Little one was asleep like 5 mins after take-off! And now you will pleased to know we are off to the hotel and we are taking a cab!

10.45am – please, please, please don’t ever make me get a in a sodding cab in Rome ever again!!! On knees, begging and eyes down cast. Please?!?!?!

11am – YAY! Thank you for the awesome rooms! Twin for your mum and aunty may, and a double, double for us! Oh, and I squeaked when I opened my case and found my little cidders in there! And he smells of you! Love you froggie x x x

12pm – Propper Italian street food! I am in love with this place and I’ve only been here for 2 hours!


2pm – Humph! Being made to go back to the hotel to take a nap, really?! I know , I know , poorly , need to rest , blah, blah!

3.30pm ok so sightseeing this time of day is cool! So, so, so glade that your mum is with us, it’s like having are on-tour guide! Aunty may is on good form and being very funny.

5.45pm – Back and time for a shower and tidy up for dinner. I’m even going to wear a dress , just cos I can!

6.30pm – I love having babe and little bear about when getting ready to go out, I have pretty hair and just enough makeup to stop me looking like died! And having the same colouring means we only need the one make up bag!

7pm – Ok I normally hate hotel restaurant, but this one is good. The fact it has 4 veggie mains , as well as 4 veggies starters , side salads that you have a choice of dressings and deserts that sound nice and light!

8.15pm – ok don’t laugh too hard , but I got nerves and got the fidgets and kind of got my finger stuck in a wine bottle. Had to sit in a chiller for 10 mins to get it off L

9pm – Oh my good god! I am in love with the pare and walnut crumble with honey ice cream!

10.30pm – Ok off to bed we go! My aunty may is tipsy, Babe is tearful and little bear is fulling asleep on her feet! So it is an early night for use.

11.30pm – Good night Skype , You big softie! X x x

Thursday 16th march 2017: 7am – will I ever sleep passed 8am ever?!?! Nope! Shower time with Nikie ,

neb, dressed and hair and make up done!

8am – Breakfast, I do love a hotel breakfast! Have I said I really like breakfast????

9am – morning of sightseeing and yes, I’m doing the flipping Spanish step!

10.30am – ok a swear aunty may is me when I was a teenager! Walking up the sodding steps , only to get to the top and say , very load ‘fuck me , that’s a long way to climb when your sober’ . oh, and she got a random monk to carry her bag half way up the steps. Bear seems to be having a klutz day. she tripped up 3 times get up them and 2 time on the way down! Your mum and may won’t let us walk next to each other, out of fear us killing someone! RUDE!

12.15pm – Lunch! I swear I could eat a bloody horse , I think it’s the fresh air!

2pm – Ok I think everyone should be made to do bus tours of Rome, was amazing!

3.30pm – Ok I did need a nap today, snuggling with Bear is the best ever!

5pm – Now I’m on holibobs, but I’m doing homework. I just don’t want to get to far behind and I don’t want to get bad grades J

6pm- thought, having to think about what in going to wear for dinner and stopping and getting tidy is nice. Could we eat at 6.20pm at home? So I can make myself look pretty , oh and the girls have to do it to!!

7pm – Loving dinner tonight, Babe ordered for all of us in Italian!

9pm – Teehee, little bear and kitten be drunk! The waiter told babe she had very good oral skills, to which aunty may told him off!

9.45 – Bed time skype again! Getting us all naked and well make are selves come, FUCK ME was that HOT!

12pm – play time was epic! I think holding Babe down was a nice touch if I say so myself!

Friday 17th march 2017: 7am – Squeak breakfast date with just me and kitten! Love , love , love this! Not done this in ages!

8.30am – So I’m off to mass in a strange country with aunty may, what could go wrong, right?

10am –  OK I am not a religious nut, but in in the Vatican!!! Your mother knows so much stuff, it’s like having a posh tour and not having to pay for it! Even Babe was impressed by the it all!

12.30pm – I have eaten too much at lunch! Why is all the food so delicious!!

3.30pm – sightseeing done for the day, so we are back to the hotel for a nap. Done willingly today, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

5.30pm – Early dinner, and then posh frock, hair, and makeup, as we seem to be go to the opera tonight!

8pm – Off we go to see Opera in its rightful home!

11pm Just home and straight to bed, in buzzing!

Saturday 18th march 2017: 7.20am – Up, neb done, meds and breakfast done! Now shower time and decided what to wear for a walking tour of Rome!

9am – Aunty May is resting for the morning, as is your mum, so with babe in charge, off we go. Oh, and Kitten has the map not me!

12.30 – We made it to are lunch meeting spot on time and without getting lost! We are having a light lunch and then off to look round a museum!

4pm – great afternoon! How does your mum explain stuff without me feeling thick? I’m sure normal people know this stuff and I missed it at school, cos I was looking out the window at the flowers or sky!

6pm – Family style dinner!

9pm – Skype call before bed! yay, but really making me do that to all the girls??? Was much fun!

11.30pm – Playtime was great fun this evening! Babe is amazing as always, thank you for letting us play!

Sunday 19th march 2017: 7.45am – Holy cow I slept late! Lush breakfast with everyone, meds taken and neb done!

9am- shower time and packing. Kitten got stuck under the bed again!

10am- Train station and on the train to Naples! We have all decide to brain storm the story thing beasty suggested, With the help of your mum and aunty may. Your mum has good ideas but aunty may be full of smut!

11.30 – I have learnt that trains in Italy are better than in the up, in not good with peeing on a moving train and aunty may is a Kinky thing!

12.15 – please remind me if babe says it only a 10 min walk to the hotel to not trust her, ever again!

1pm – Squeak proper pizza for lunch and I had salad too! I also had a small glass of wine, but I did have 3 glasses of water too!

5pm – Again if babe ever says fallow me I know the way, do not trust her at all! I thought Brighton had strip hills and winding lanes! Loved it though!

7pm – I fell asleep for 45 mins and got woken up with a kiss from kitten! Love her so much x Dressed in a dress for dinner, not sure what people are going to make of my tattoos, but hay who knows!

9pm- again nice dinner! Ok, think we need more big family dinners when we get home!

9.30pm – I’m having a bath with Little bear!

10pm – Skype Call to read us a bed time story! SOFTIE!

11pm lights out, big day planned meeting your Nona again! Excited!

Afternoon everyone! I was meant to post this , this morning . (opppsss) . But I’m on Holibobs in Italy , and I was half way up mount Etna, so…..

Sorry for not being around as much as I said I would but I was sick and in the hospital and then I was working my little Irish butt off at crufts! But I’m back now and even got a post ready for Thursday!


Pixie x x x