a long time coming……


I can’t sleep, again! I may be newly single, but 6 weeks without sex is the longest I have gone without since the age of 18. At first I was to upset and crushed to even want to touch myself, but that lasted all of 3 days. Then when the anger set in touching myself helped to take the edge off the feelings of angst and frustration. But after a week, that stopped helping! Then he turns up on my doorstep, asking if he could stay for a while. Never, have I been so glad to see a friend, in my life, ever. He’s hug seems to be what has been missing, the way he raps me up in his arms, how he fits me in to the space below his shoulder and how he makes me feel so small and safe. (trust me at 5ft 9 that is not an easy job). But it’s when he kisses my forehead and pulls back to look at me, that it hits me, like a punch in the stomach, his fucking gorgeous!


How had I never seen it before? Maybe being with twat features for the last 5 years has made me a little blind to what is going on round me. Have those eyes always been that blue and had that twinkle in them. That smile, has it always been that warm and those lips, have they always been that kissable? With hair that I now just want to tangle my fingers in, board shoulders I want to cling to and a bum that I want to hook my feet over, as he fucks me hard and slow.


But he’s a friend, so me being me, at first I try to ignore it, burying my head in the sand. But him being him, he’s decided that I must still devastated about, what’s his name. Ha,  yeah right! I stopped thinking about him, like 3 mins after you turned up my friend! Thinking I need ‘taking out of myself’ he’s puts himself in charge of the ‘cheer the grumpy cow up’ task force. So, I get dragged to the gym, cinema, out for long walks and for coffee dates. But it just makes things worse, I can’t have a crush on him, he’s my best friend. Having him round like this is heaven and hell. I have missed him so much, that sweet, funny boy, who always makes me feel better about myself. But his grown in to a man that I want to be more than friends with. But he would never be interested in me, right? He could have any woman he wants and I’m just his friend.


So, that is how I come to find myself laying here in bed, horny and frustrated as hell. My hand has been teasing me to the point of being wet and about to come repeatedly today. I just have to think about that cheeky smile and I’m wet, but my clever little fingers and my toys are not working any more.


Grumpily I sigh and push myself up and out of bed, sliding my feet in to pink fluffy slippers and pulling on my Star Wars t-shirt that I sleep in. Maybe some warm milk will help me sleep, so I slip quietly out of my bedroom and down the stairs, to the kitchen. Lost in my own little world, I don’t realise that I’m not alone, only coming to when I walk in to a solid mass of human, instead of the empty space that is meant in front if the fridge.


‘Watch it Lou’ is the greeting I get from the hunk of man I have just collided with. Who my brain has just registered is clad only in a pair of tight boxer briefs, coursing everything south of my navel to contract and for me to get very wet indeed. Please don’t let him be able to smell the musky scent of the juices pouring out of me, please dear god!


I manage to stammer out a ‘sorry’ as I stumble backwards. Somehow, I am getting my feet court funny and full backwards towards the door. That’s when he rushes, with way too much grace for someone of his size, catching me before I hit the hard tiles of the kitchen floor. I stammer out a ‘thank you’. while he straightens up, with me still in his arms. Looking down at me he smiles and pushes a stray strand of hair behind my ear, stroking my cheek, he says ‘its ok that’s what I’m here for’.


Snorting, I say ‘What? To save my big old clumsy ass?’ and fallow that with a giggle that sounds like it came from someone other than me. I get a shock when his grip on my arms tightens and he sort of growls. I’m even more shocked by his reply.


‘No Lou, to look after you’


But the biggest shock comes when his lips come down on mine in a demanding and possessive kiss, that knocks the breath out of me. Stunned, I do nothing for the first 3 seconds and then I kiss him back with everything I have in me.my arms go around his neck and his go from my shoulders, down to my waist, and then my bum. Next thing I know he’s lifting me, to sit on the kitchen counter, his hands sliding up my back, under my t-shirt, lifting it up and over my head. Crushing my bare breast to his hard chest, his hands wrap my legs around his waist. His hands are on a mission to find and tease my breast and nipples, turning his lips attention to my neck and shoulders, little kisses that leave a trail that feels like fire on my skin, with the odd gentle nip here and there. How did he know I like it like that?!


The next thing to register in my brain is that his fingers are skimming the top of my knickers, then his thumbs are in the waist band, and in a husky tone he says ‘lift up ‘. my brain is a little foggy and when I don’t get what he is saying, he growls ‘Lou, lift your butt up now or I’m doing it for you’


Obeying I do as he tells me and suddenly, my nickers are sliding down my legs and my now bare bum hits the kitchen counter. still a little confused I look up, with pleading eyes and try to reach for his boxers, the need to feel him seems to of become my number one mission in life. But he catches my hand with his in-a vice like grip and another growl of, ‘Later Lou, right now is just for you’. Oh, god that makes everything southwards contract, in a way that makes a groan escape from my lips.


His lips are now moving down my body, burning a trail of little sucky kisses and not so gentle bites. Then his sinking to his knees and pulling me forward, so my intimate parts become level with his mouth and my back hits the cold hard counter. My brain seems to be clearing a little and the thoughts of ‘Oh god is he going to go down on me? Is this really happening or has my sex starved brain gone in to over drive? This is going to change everything, I should stop him, but I don’t want to!’


He reaches the outer lips of my pussy and places kisses on them, opening them with his finger as he goes, so slowly it’s almost like torture. A husky croak comes from him lips ‘So wet for me, I guess your liking this little one’. Pushing myself up on my elbows to stare down at his head, we make eye contact and I can’t stop the blush that creeps up from my chest, up over my throat and finally to my cheeks. I open my mouth to speak, only to be cut off before I get any words out. ‘Shut up Lou, stop over thinking this and just feel for once. Ok?!’


Then his back kissing and lapping at my pussy, only this time they are fingers inside me, fucking me. When his tongue and mouth make contact my clit, I almost jump in the air, Christ the pleasure is immense. First licking gently, then sucking, then licking and them sucking, adding more pressure as he goes. I can feel my orgasm building, but when it hits me fully, it feels like I’m hitting a wall off pleasure full force, causing it to crumple all around me! I scream out as wave after wave course through my body. It takes every fibre of my being to just hang on and to remember to keep breathing.


After long minutes, that feel like hours, his making to stand, kissing his way back up my body till he reaches my lips. With one last forceful kiss, he straightens himself and looks down at me. My brain finally starts working and I manage to get some words out, not before I look down at his boxers and see how strongly this has affected him. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?’ I stammer.


‘it’s been a long time coming Lou! I’m going to level with you babe, I really like you. I don’t know how you feel about me, but I would love to see where this could lead’ It’s my time to cut him off with a kiss, as I hop off the work top, grabbing is hand and pulling him towards the stairs.

I utter two words as we start to make are way up the stairs, ‘My room?  I think this is going to be a long night, that marks the start in a new chapter of our lives!


So this is my second go a writing something for the epic Kayla Lords  Masturbation Monday . little different this time as I have written it today, while having treatment in hospital, stuck on a drip! (I’m ok , not going to die just yet!) So people be gentle and I hope you enjoy! Oh and the inspiration comes from the song ‘Starving’ by Hailee Steinfeld & Grey.


Pixie x x x x image


Big me… (or Saturday night punishment!)

So, a few weeks ago the Boss man made me sit down and write a list of things my little side loves doing. Well after having a minor melt down last night (yeah right!)  I have been sat in front of my lap top and told to write a list of all the things that grown up side of me loves about myself! I feel I should explain why I had a meltdown. Firstly, the Frenchie had to work late as a client was not in the mood to get up till 3 pm, meaning he had to work late and again break are plans for the evening, at very late point in the day. Kitten and Babe had promised to spend the evening at home, but got offered some last-minute work, that they took and broke are plans. Then to top this off are sweet little bear went to see her mum, who she is not meant to see on her own, braking are plans for a family night at home! I got pissy and grumpy that I had been left at home on my own. I stroped at several of my friends, that reminded me that others have jobs and lives of their own to lead. Now I will say the way I acted was a little selfish, rude and I was childish, but maîtriser has also pointed out that we were all at fault for not actually talking it through and for being a little bit thoughtless to the others in are little family. Kitten has had to go without her phone for 4 hours, Babe has had to do as she is told, without asking questions all day and my darling little bear has not been allowed sweets, ice cream or peanut butter all day. that may not sound like punishment to most but the boss man knows how to make the punishment sting! Lol That would be why I’m sat writing on a Saturday night and not cuddled up in bed with the girls! But bless him he’s said we could give him a punishment for braking his promise of being home on time and not working late on a Friday night. We decided he must come home on time every night for 2 weeks and we should be allowed to go shopping at Victoria’s secrets when we go to the sates at the end of the month! (I should mention that when we went to NYC last year for kitten and my birthday we spent a HUGE amount in the space of a 3-hour visit!) So, any way here’s My list of BIG me things …



1)      I hold an BA & MA in fashion and textile design, but chose to retrain as I was very unhappy working in that field. I now hold a second BA in a different area.

2)      I run not 1, but 3 business.

3)      I run a house hold of 5 adults, 7 dogs and whoever else happens to be in it! (we have an open-door policy)

4)      I speak fluent Gallic, Russian, French and English. I also speak polish, Arabic, Latin and German, at a conversational level. I’m also learning Italian, for fun!

5)      I used to road and drag race motorbikes for fun. I stopped racing 2 years ago, due to ill health but I still work from time to time as pit crew!

6)      I own 3 motorbikes of my own

7)      I have 35 tattoos and 7 pricings.

8)      I am a member of the guild of mater tailors.

9)      I have worked in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Belfast.

10)   I love all things Corsets!

11)   Likewise, I have a HUGE passion for posh underwear!

12)   I have 2 Nieces, 2 nephews, 13 goddaughters, 11 godsons, who mean the world to me.

13)   I have a very high pain threshold and fall asleep getting inked!

14)   I can break it to houses, hot wire a car, and pick locks

15)   I hold a door people’s license for all the boughs in London, surrey, and Sussex!

16)   I played rugby and basketball at uni, as well as kick boxing and normal boxing.

17)   I can take down the prop forward for London Irish!

18)   I’m fiercely loyal, kind to a fault and believe in 2nd chances, but cross my twice and I’m coming at you all guns blazing!

19)   I Love my Maitsier and my Girls more than words.

20)   I survived 14 year of  Domestic abuse, that ended in rape and almost being killed. (that is the first time I have ever written that down for people outside my circle to read)


 Well that was cathartic!


Pixie x x x x


The dairy of pixie heart – 3/4/17 – 9/4/17


Dairy mouse:

Monday April 3rd, 2017: 6am – I first time in a while I have not wanted to get up! Dogs walked, Yoga done , breakfast eaten and meds and neb done. I hate not being able to eat breakfast in my own kitchen in the nude or just in my jammies! But seeing as we are all staying with my boss Mitch, I don’t think we should even go there!

9.30am – Again, I / we are home sick as hell! We would have the kids with us but we can’t and it kills! So it’s shopping for New Jersey and lunch out.

12.45pm – Little bear must be mighty sad she refused a Happy meal for her lunch! So, we have gone for the ultimate comfort food and had baked potatoes!

1.30pm – I’m so bored! The is only so much time I can shop for and only so many walks the hounds can take!

3pm – Everything is prepped for classes tonight, I am that fe up I’m having a nap!

4.30pm – So I’ve had a snack, packed a sandwich, loaded the car and Now Big Steve is driving me to training. Can I come home for cuddles?!

6pm – I do not like the 1 ½ drive to get to work on a Monday afternoon!

6.30 pm – upside of having a ‘Body guard ‘ is the mats only took mins to put out! So, let’s do this crap!

10pm – Epic evening of teaching, I should be bouncing of the walls and happy, but I just feel flat, please can we come home!

11.35pm – Ok so getting home to find my kitten in tears cos she is homesick is the final straw!

12.15am –  Thank you to the stars and back! Letting us come home is what we need. I know you just want to keep us safe and looked after , but we need you, so we are happy and not sad all the time!

Tuesday 4th April 2017: 5.45am –  Dogs walked, yoga done, breakfast eaten, meds and neb done Bags packed, girls got up, hounds loaded and we are on our way home!  Mus look like his about to hurl, think his had too much beer last night!

10am – only I decided to come home on the one day that the feck M25 turns in to stand still traffic! Not fair I really need a wee!

11.30am – Home!

12pm – how come we have food left in the house?! Have you not been eating? Worried little mouse now!

1pm – So I made a list of food and bits we need and have sent Babe and Jazzy, flanked by Steve. I have got the first of about 7 loads of washing on . Mus is sweeping and mopping the floors (again I hate people cleaning my house for me!) Nikie and me are on a blitzing the house mission!

4pm – House is clean!!! I’m cooking proper dinner and pudding. Off to walk the hounds, with the girls and mus and Steve.

5.45pm – Your home!!! See is it not nicer to be meet at the front door by your girls and a drink?!?!

7pm – See I am awesome at guessing what you need for dinner!


7.15pm  – Housekeeping shower, care to join!

8.15pm – Ok so I’m really fucking clean! Dear god I have not cum that hard in a very long time! So, glad I have your bite marks back on my neck, boobs, and shoulders, I feel owned again!

9pm – Yup, you cannot get better than laying naked on your own sofa and watching the TV! Thank you for letting Babe and Mus have some fun, although blimey could he get any loader? Oh, wait she’s got her Dom head on and has her tongue stud in! lol

10.15  – Bed time , play time! Oh, god you have 3 weeks of lack of supervision to make up for J just saying Frenchie;)

1am – Please , please , please let me sleep now?!?!

Wednesday 5th April 2017 – DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! I swear I am never going to walk straight again, ever. Yoga done , dogs walked , breakfast eaten , Meds and neb done! Washing on , cloths hung out to dry and ironing the first 3 baskets done! Now to tackle the emails, admin and fucking accounts!

12pm – Christ my head hurts! Lunch, nap and then to pick up the rug rats from bee’s!

2pm – How has Tally got so much bigger in the space of 33 weeks?! and Tino can focus on people now!!! Loved the fact Taylor was looking for ‘NEEE’ . My nephew has a boy crush on my boo!

4pm – Dinner is in , dogs are walked , House work done and admin done! I am now going to play with the little ones!

5pm  – So you came home early to see me and the girls?!? So why did you make a beeline for the little ones and why have you offered to take them for a walk before dinner, on your own?!?! Softie!

6pm – diner for 8 growed ups, 2 tiddlers and a Tino without breaking a sweat!

7pm – Ok now I know you are going soft in your old age. Bathing the babies and reading them bed time stories?! Love you Frenchie!

11pm – how come I’m in bed naked with the girls and you?! I fell asleep, again didn’t I?!?!

Thursday 6th April 2017: 6 am – Up yoga done, babies up and fed, dogs walked, breakfast eaten, meds and neb done. You and the girls are harder to get up and ready then 3 under 2s how is that possible?!?

9am – Why or why, 5 adults and 3 babies to a midwife appointment, really!?!?

10.15 – Thank god for babe and her note pad! I have no idea what she said. Oh, and yes, I do blush when you go on about our selfie and when I must stop having sex and what type of sex I can have! Jesus wept I’m pregnant, not dyeing!

11 am – ok so the ‘cuddle’ before Charlie and Izzy getting here was nice!

11.30am – So I have decided to push myself. I’m taking the kids to ikea!

1pm – we made it safe! Charlie is helping me get the food, with Tino in his sling. Izzie has tally and Taylor and is getting high chairs and a table. I swear we are not normal, the kids around us are screaming for chocolate and ice-cream! My lot ae tucking in to salad , grilled chicken and bread!

1.45 pm – Ok now I know were weird! Charlie and Izzy are walking round and showing things that want when we move. Tino is kipping in his sling, Taylor is chatting away and blowing kisses at all the ladies and tallie is sitting on every sofa and chair! They are wonderfully bonkers and I love them all!

3.15pm – So that is IKEA done! I have bought new glasses, 2 new vases and some bedding stuff. I got new boxes for our toys! We are now having ice-cream!

4.30pm – home! Dogs walked and then to make a quick tea!

6pm – it does amaze me how you all turn up on time for tea! Does that mean I have you well trained!? And does that mean I’m getting a spanking later?! 😉

8pm – baths, stories and bedtime done! Now it is time to play!

11pm – Yummy! I do love it when you tell people what to do to me! Steve is , mmmmm and Mus maybe a grumpy shit at times, but god does that man have moves! Tee hee hee , slightly unfair to let the bear at him! I still don’t like paddles though! Oh and fyi , nipple clamps did make me cum!

Friday 7th April 2017: 6am – up, dressed, kids up and dressed. Breakfast , meds and neb done . Dogs walked, ironing finished and beds all changed. Girls breakfast done .

10am – So we are off to play at the park! It’s like I’ve packed for a small milatrey operation! Tally, Taylor and Tino are all awake and Charlie wants to run to the park. Izzie is being a huge help and carried my handbag !

12.30pm – So we are off to north cuts for lunch! Taylor managed to pull himself up on the park bench! (must ask bee if he is doing that at home!)

2pm – Home for naps!

3pm – Fab you’re working late, due to someone not getting out of bed! Yes, I’m prissy, as it seems Kitten and Babe have said they will work and Jazzy has gone to the mums. We had plans for a girlie night. FML!

4.30 pm 0 Dogs walked again. Home for home work and tea!

5.30pm – Good lord , how much food do kids put away!

6.45pm – Babies bathed and in bed asleep! I’m a childcare ace!

7.30pm – Charlie informed me that he is having a shower and reading himself a story!

8.45- Izzie is in bed asleep. Kind of bummed I’m on my own on a Friday night L

9.15pm  – I don’t like being on my own! So, I have written a letter, finished my course work and I’m now going to start writing this C&FUR course!

10pm – Call from Jazzy to say their car broke down! Thank god, I thought something really bad had happened or they would rather work than be at home! Sorry I went all needy and silly, I still get days when I think this is all going to come crashing down on me and I still don’t believe 100 % that people like me for me! I know I get punished and I know I needy to work on that side of things. I will do better!

11pm – well your home and punishments have been handed out!

12.15am – even when your mad at us you still love us! Thank you x x x

Saturday 8th April 2017: 6.15am – Up , dressed , breakfast done and meds and neb done. Dogs walked , yoga done and house tidied! Babies up, fed and clean. Thank you for taken Charlie to the café with you and the boys for breakfast! Issie and I are going to do the gardening! Sorry Tally woke you up by licking your foot ,  know idea what is up with her!??!

11.45 am – Not sure if I should be worried about Tally?! She seems obsessed with licking people and the dogs! She has spent this morning running around in just a t shirt and nappy, she will not leave uncle Fred alone and sat on the bottom stair for the postman so she could blow kisses at him! Any way Thank you for Tinos bouncer, he spent an hour squealing like a pig! Thank you again for taking Taylor and Charlie to the park! X

12.45 – Uncle Fred really does know how to make a woman happy. Soup , salad and bread and a massive jug of ice tea!

2pm  – Gardening done and tidied away! Time to walk the hounds again!

3.45pm – I can’t stand the taste of wine what is going on!

4.55pm – My darling frog, just because you’re a man does not mean you can BBQ meat and BBQing said meat does not count as cooking dinner! WE are doing the salads, the bread, the corn, the sweet potatoes and sorting the table and drinks out!

6pm  – See I told you so! Spanking later?!?!? But thank you for letting us have a BBQ, perfect end to a perfect day!

9pm  – Ok singing round the fir pit was the perfect end to the perfect day!

12pm – Ok play time was the perfect end to the perfect day! Love you! x

Sunday 9th April 2017: 6am – yoga done, dogs walked with the girls, home to find you not only up, but fed the kids and babies, with Tino strapped to you and Tally and Taylor in just their nappies! WTF! Thank you for clarifying that it is easier to wipe down the little ones instead of changing their cloths and of course it makes perfect sense that Tino is strapped to you cos he kept cry and wanted cuddles! Silly me!

10am- How long does it take to get 4 women ready for a day at the lido?!?! Well we need to make sure we look perfect , right!

10.30am – Lido!

12pm – So I have swam, played in the pool, got stared at and eaten ice cream! I am now going to sit under the sun shade and eat my lunch! I’m very sorry I giggled at you trying to get Tally in to her swim gear, to put sun cream on her and a hat, but it was funny! J

3pm – Nope I was reading not sleeping honest!

4pm – Home and ahhhh! Me and the girls loved our family day, thank you ! x oh and yes my boobies are sun burnt!

6pm – Ok so I did full asleep that time , but ….. Can we get take out for dinner?! Deliveroo?! Please?!

8pm – So yes, I want to do my home work on a Sunday night!

9pm – so I am coming to bed now, oh great and powerful master!

12pm – Christ I need that! Cumming 5 times always makes me want food and super sleepy!

So that was my week! posting it today as I have to be out the house at silly o’clock tomorrow!


Pixie x x x x

D/s, abuse. An

When I met the amazing, talented, cute-as-hell, and kinky-as-fuck Coffee&Kink at Eroticon, I knew she was one of those people who was just as genuine in person as she is online. Hearing her talk about her kinky perspectives and her own writing goals, I knew she needed to guest post for me. I don’t think…

via Abuse, D/s, and the Art of Knowing the Difference — A Sexual Being

where the hell has Pixie Heart been!?!?

Well I’m back, again! It feels like years since I last had 5 mins to myself , weeks of not being at home and living out of a suitcase have nearly killed me, but it’s sorted now and I’m back! Basicly I was ill, my family acted like t!&$s, we got attacked by a cyber robber and the boss man’s business interests turned nasty! (I know what his main job is , but I keep out of any other business dealings!)

We got sent on what turned out to be an epic holibobs to Italy for 2 weeks , came home and within 24 hours got sent away again, this time flanked by big Steve and Mus. I had to teach and the was no way of getting out of it so , the girls , dogs and our body guards all had to come with me. Turned out to actually be great fun and we all had a blast. But on Monday night myself and the girls skyped the Frenchie and begged to come home. Yes we had each other, but it was not home . It was missing are Boss man and with everything we have going on as a group and personally , none of us were coping very well. Turns out neither was the frog , so we manged to negotiate us coming home. So we are home!

The are rules to us being home so we stay super safe, but we are home!

well that’s where we have been and now were back!

so hugs,

Pixie x x x x

Little me!

So until the last 6 months or so , I would of said I differently of said the I didn’t have a little side to me . I in fact never really never got the whole DDbg thing. But then the Boss man ask me to think about it for a while and talked to people . When I finally got my head round what being a little really meant, I had to admit, that I to have a little side too! For me its more about escape from the big scary world, away of relaxing and me letting someone take care of me.  So after exploring some more , the Boss man set me a challenge of writing a list of 20 things that make me a little bit little! So here it is…

  • I am a Tomboy
  • I love playing with Lego
  • Love my colouring books
  • Love bedtime stories
  • Loves Disney and dream works films
  • Loves cuddling
  • Loves being taken care of and fussed over
  • Love having my hair brushed
  • Love when the Boss man orders for me.
  • Loves Bath time
  • Loves slumber parties
  • Loves being given chores and tasks
  • Loves my pet names
  • the words ‘how’s my girl’ turn me to mush.
  • I get spooked and frightened easily
  • Loves hot milk, marshmallows and gingerbread men
  • Loves my Jammies and slippers
  • Hates being BIC (Bird in charge)
  • Live to make Boss man Happy and proud
  • Loves doing stuff with the girls, like craft, home work or being silly

Well that’s little me!

Hugs and Kisses,

Pixie x x x x








































Diary of Pixie Heart – 13/3/17 to 19/3/17


Diary: Mouse

Monday 13th march 2017: 6am – Ahh! Ok so yeah, shattered still! Up, yoga done dogs walked and meds and breakfast eaten, Neb done. Showered, dressed and hair and makeup done! Little one is over the moon that her new bra fits and said she feels sexy!

9am – Cardiff here we come.

11am- Ok how quickly do you think 4 girls can pee?!?! And yes, I do need hot milk and a gingerbread man, thank you very much!

12.30pm – Dear god, I have never in the 13 years I have known babe seen her lose her calm , strong woman front , but dear god! Thank you for being her rock for the day, she needs you and us, my poor , brave girl!

3pm – thank you for saying Babe can stay at her mum’s tonight, she needs to be with her family and needs understanding and love. Hate it when she is not home , but here is where she needs to be! Thank you my love x

6pm – Only just made it home in time to get changed and back out to work! see you later big man!

11pm – Well I’m shattered! Bloody fuming, do I have the word MUG on my forehead or something?!? How dare Bloody Lucy change the time of classes, what we teach and how dare she think she has the right to set dates for classes! Jesuses Christ in the head instructor, I had 2 weeks off sick and she thinks I need her to take over ‘Running orders and Classes timetables’. Well , she is in for a shock. I must go to the committee with mishandling complaints and about her style of teaching. We are force free and work to a ‘do no harm’ ethic, so well she is in for a big old shock! Rant over, bed time story and cuddles with you and sleep! Love you foggy! X x x

3.45am – Bloody dream about the fucktard and waking up crying again is not how I wanted to wake up! But I was a good girl, took my sleep meds and cuddled back in to Kitten, and was soon fast asleep again!

Tuesday 14th March 2017 : 7.30am – OH MY FLIPPING GOD! I slept so late!! Thank you Kitten for walking the big dog, thank you my little bear for taking the little dogs and thank you for letting sleep, I needed that big time! So, in cooking breakfast!

9am – Ok so washing all done and out drying, ironing under way and then packing for holibobs! Wish you could come and did not have to stay and work or sort the net gremlins out L But I get to look at your cute baby pics with your Nona, so ….

12pm – ok you coming home for lunch and a quickie is always fun and making us all come is EPIC! What has got in to you?!?! But thank you for the bite marks in my boobs and shoulder, now everyone will know who’s I am! And yes I’m wet writing that and horny and blushing like hell!

1.45 – Thank you so much! Dog and house sitter in the form of the boys! So I know my dogs, my house and you will be looked after for the next 2 weeks!!!

4pm – Oh dear, call from father Michael to say aunty may is ‘rather happy’ and can I come get her! She is 81 years old, I’m her great niece and I’m the one picking up a drunk! Oh, lord I think her and you mum, plus the girls in Rome is going to be, FUN!

5pm – Really wish you was home , aunty may is being a little difficult and she would just comment about your bum and flirt with you!

6pm – thank you for coming home right on time! Aunty may meant you have a nice bum silly head. She and jazzy have been stalking my Instagram feed. Poor beasty, never going to leave him in a room with bear or may after a few drinks! They would rape the poor man . (hell, we all would, but hay J


7.50pm – oh for fucks sake I am putting a very drunk aunty to bed! Trying to take her bra off by pulling it down her body and getting it stuck cos knicker and skirt got in the way… Yes, the women in my family should come with a health warning, but in that bad, am I?!?! I’m locking are bed room door tonight, knowing my luck she come in to find me giving you a blow job and give me pointers!

8pm – Housekeeping shower! Yay you got me clean big time! I do love when you just bend me over and fuck me, I needed that and I still want more Frenchie! Bed time?!?! And I don’t want cuddles!

11pm – holy fucking god! Should of known you had a few tricks up your sleve for tonight. 69’s, no hands, spankings, strap on and nipple and clit clamps! Having to change the sheets before sleeping is always a good thing! I do love the twisted basterd side of you my darling!!!

Wednesday 15th march 2017.: 5 am – Ok, up, dressed, breakfast and out the door in 3o mins is AHHHHH! How has may not got a hang over ?!?! Airport here we come!!!! Miss you already! X x xx

7am – can we please , please , please get the little bear some help for her fear of flying , other than a huge amount of sedative?!  A very giggly , little girl , is a very hard to get on a plane! Thank god for Aunty may and Leonie!

10am – Flight went without any of cuasing a major international insurgent, so Yay! Little one was asleep like 5 mins after take-off! And now you will pleased to know we are off to the hotel and we are taking a cab!

10.45am – please, please, please don’t ever make me get a in a sodding cab in Rome ever again!!! On knees, begging and eyes down cast. Please?!?!?!

11am – YAY! Thank you for the awesome rooms! Twin for your mum and aunty may, and a double, double for us! Oh, and I squeaked when I opened my case and found my little cidders in there! And he smells of you! Love you froggie x x x

12pm – Propper Italian street food! I am in love with this place and I’ve only been here for 2 hours!


2pm – Humph! Being made to go back to the hotel to take a nap, really?! I know , I know , poorly , need to rest , blah, blah!

3.30pm ok so sightseeing this time of day is cool! So, so, so glade that your mum is with us, it’s like having are on-tour guide! Aunty may is on good form and being very funny.

5.45pm – Back and time for a shower and tidy up for dinner. I’m even going to wear a dress , just cos I can!

6.30pm – I love having babe and little bear about when getting ready to go out, I have pretty hair and just enough makeup to stop me looking like died! And having the same colouring means we only need the one make up bag!

7pm – Ok I normally hate hotel restaurant, but this one is good. The fact it has 4 veggie mains , as well as 4 veggies starters , side salads that you have a choice of dressings and deserts that sound nice and light!

8.15pm – ok don’t laugh too hard , but I got nerves and got the fidgets and kind of got my finger stuck in a wine bottle. Had to sit in a chiller for 10 mins to get it off L

9pm – Oh my good god! I am in love with the pare and walnut crumble with honey ice cream!

10.30pm – Ok off to bed we go! My aunty may is tipsy, Babe is tearful and little bear is fulling asleep on her feet! So it is an early night for use.

11.30pm – Good night Skype , You big softie! X x x

Thursday 16th march 2017: 7am – will I ever sleep passed 8am ever?!?! Nope! Shower time with Nikie ,

neb, dressed and hair and make up done!

8am – Breakfast, I do love a hotel breakfast! Have I said I really like breakfast????

9am – morning of sightseeing and yes, I’m doing the flipping Spanish step!

10.30am – ok a swear aunty may is me when I was a teenager! Walking up the sodding steps , only to get to the top and say , very load ‘fuck me , that’s a long way to climb when your sober’ . oh, and she got a random monk to carry her bag half way up the steps. Bear seems to be having a klutz day. she tripped up 3 times get up them and 2 time on the way down! Your mum and may won’t let us walk next to each other, out of fear us killing someone! RUDE!

12.15pm – Lunch! I swear I could eat a bloody horse , I think it’s the fresh air!

2pm – Ok I think everyone should be made to do bus tours of Rome, was amazing!

3.30pm – Ok I did need a nap today, snuggling with Bear is the best ever!

5pm – Now I’m on holibobs, but I’m doing homework. I just don’t want to get to far behind and I don’t want to get bad grades J

6pm- thought, having to think about what in going to wear for dinner and stopping and getting tidy is nice. Could we eat at 6.20pm at home? So I can make myself look pretty , oh and the girls have to do it to!!

7pm – Loving dinner tonight, Babe ordered for all of us in Italian!

9pm – Teehee, little bear and kitten be drunk! The waiter told babe she had very good oral skills, to which aunty may told him off!

9.45 – Bed time skype again! Getting us all naked and well make are selves come, FUCK ME was that HOT!

12pm – play time was epic! I think holding Babe down was a nice touch if I say so myself!

Friday 17th march 2017: 7am – Squeak breakfast date with just me and kitten! Love , love , love this! Not done this in ages!

8.30am – So I’m off to mass in a strange country with aunty may, what could go wrong, right?

10am –  OK I am not a religious nut, but in in the Vatican!!! Your mother knows so much stuff, it’s like having a posh tour and not having to pay for it! Even Babe was impressed by the it all!

12.30pm – I have eaten too much at lunch! Why is all the food so delicious!!

3.30pm – sightseeing done for the day, so we are back to the hotel for a nap. Done willingly today, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

5.30pm – Early dinner, and then posh frock, hair, and makeup, as we seem to be go to the opera tonight!

8pm – Off we go to see Opera in its rightful home!

11pm Just home and straight to bed, in buzzing!

Saturday 18th march 2017: 7.20am – Up, neb done, meds and breakfast done! Now shower time and decided what to wear for a walking tour of Rome!

9am – Aunty May is resting for the morning, as is your mum, so with babe in charge, off we go. Oh, and Kitten has the map not me!

12.30 – We made it to are lunch meeting spot on time and without getting lost! We are having a light lunch and then off to look round a museum!

4pm – great afternoon! How does your mum explain stuff without me feeling thick? I’m sure normal people know this stuff and I missed it at school, cos I was looking out the window at the flowers or sky!

6pm – Family style dinner!

9pm – Skype call before bed! yay, but really making me do that to all the girls??? Was much fun!

11.30pm – Playtime was great fun this evening! Babe is amazing as always, thank you for letting us play!

Sunday 19th march 2017: 7.45am – Holy cow I slept late! Lush breakfast with everyone, meds taken and neb done!

9am- shower time and packing. Kitten got stuck under the bed again!

10am- Train station and on the train to Naples! We have all decide to brain storm the story thing beasty suggested, With the help of your mum and aunty may. Your mum has good ideas but aunty may be full of smut!

11.30 – I have learnt that trains in Italy are better than in the up, in not good with peeing on a moving train and aunty may is a Kinky thing!

12.15 – please remind me if babe says it only a 10 min walk to the hotel to not trust her, ever again!

1pm – Squeak proper pizza for lunch and I had salad too! I also had a small glass of wine, but I did have 3 glasses of water too!

5pm – Again if babe ever says fallow me I know the way, do not trust her at all! I thought Brighton had strip hills and winding lanes! Loved it though!

7pm – I fell asleep for 45 mins and got woken up with a kiss from kitten! Love her so much x Dressed in a dress for dinner, not sure what people are going to make of my tattoos, but hay who knows!

9pm- again nice dinner! Ok, think we need more big family dinners when we get home!

9.30pm – I’m having a bath with Little bear!

10pm – Skype Call to read us a bed time story! SOFTIE!

11pm lights out, big day planned meeting your Nona again! Excited!

Afternoon everyone! I was meant to post this , this morning . (opppsss) . But I’m on Holibobs in Italy , and I was half way up mount Etna, so…..

Sorry for not being around as much as I said I would but I was sick and in the hospital and then I was working my little Irish butt off at crufts! But I’m back now and even got a post ready for Thursday!


Pixie x x x