Diary of Pixie Heart – 13/3/17 to 19/3/17


Diary: Mouse

Monday 13th march 2017: 6am – Ahh! Ok so yeah, shattered still! Up, yoga done dogs walked and meds and breakfast eaten, Neb done. Showered, dressed and hair and makeup done! Little one is over the moon that her new bra fits and said she feels sexy!

9am – Cardiff here we come.

11am- Ok how quickly do you think 4 girls can pee?!?! And yes, I do need hot milk and a gingerbread man, thank you very much!

12.30pm – Dear god, I have never in the 13 years I have known babe seen her lose her calm , strong woman front , but dear god! Thank you for being her rock for the day, she needs you and us, my poor , brave girl!

3pm – thank you for saying Babe can stay at her mum’s tonight, she needs to be with her family and needs understanding and love. Hate it when she is not home , but here is where she needs to be! Thank you my love x

6pm – Only just made it home in time to get changed and back out to work! see you later big man!

11pm – Well I’m shattered! Bloody fuming, do I have the word MUG on my forehead or something?!? How dare Bloody Lucy change the time of classes, what we teach and how dare she think she has the right to set dates for classes! Jesuses Christ in the head instructor, I had 2 weeks off sick and she thinks I need her to take over ‘Running orders and Classes timetables’. Well , she is in for a shock. I must go to the committee with mishandling complaints and about her style of teaching. We are force free and work to a ‘do no harm’ ethic, so well she is in for a big old shock! Rant over, bed time story and cuddles with you and sleep! Love you foggy! X x x

3.45am – Bloody dream about the fucktard and waking up crying again is not how I wanted to wake up! But I was a good girl, took my sleep meds and cuddled back in to Kitten, and was soon fast asleep again!

Tuesday 14th March 2017 : 7.30am – OH MY FLIPPING GOD! I slept so late!! Thank you Kitten for walking the big dog, thank you my little bear for taking the little dogs and thank you for letting sleep, I needed that big time! So, in cooking breakfast!

9am – Ok so washing all done and out drying, ironing under way and then packing for holibobs! Wish you could come and did not have to stay and work or sort the net gremlins out L But I get to look at your cute baby pics with your Nona, so ….

12pm – ok you coming home for lunch and a quickie is always fun and making us all come is EPIC! What has got in to you?!?! But thank you for the bite marks in my boobs and shoulder, now everyone will know who’s I am! And yes I’m wet writing that and horny and blushing like hell!

1.45 – Thank you so much! Dog and house sitter in the form of the boys! So I know my dogs, my house and you will be looked after for the next 2 weeks!!!

4pm – Oh dear, call from father Michael to say aunty may is ‘rather happy’ and can I come get her! She is 81 years old, I’m her great niece and I’m the one picking up a drunk! Oh, lord I think her and you mum, plus the girls in Rome is going to be, FUN!

5pm – Really wish you was home , aunty may is being a little difficult and she would just comment about your bum and flirt with you!

6pm – thank you for coming home right on time! Aunty may meant you have a nice bum silly head. She and jazzy have been stalking my Instagram feed. Poor beasty, never going to leave him in a room with bear or may after a few drinks! They would rape the poor man . (hell, we all would, but hay J


7.50pm – oh for fucks sake I am putting a very drunk aunty to bed! Trying to take her bra off by pulling it down her body and getting it stuck cos knicker and skirt got in the way… Yes, the women in my family should come with a health warning, but in that bad, am I?!?! I’m locking are bed room door tonight, knowing my luck she come in to find me giving you a blow job and give me pointers!

8pm – Housekeeping shower! Yay you got me clean big time! I do love when you just bend me over and fuck me, I needed that and I still want more Frenchie! Bed time?!?! And I don’t want cuddles!

11pm – holy fucking god! Should of known you had a few tricks up your sleve for tonight. 69’s, no hands, spankings, strap on and nipple and clit clamps! Having to change the sheets before sleeping is always a good thing! I do love the twisted basterd side of you my darling!!!

Wednesday 15th march 2017.: 5 am – Ok, up, dressed, breakfast and out the door in 3o mins is AHHHHH! How has may not got a hang over ?!?! Airport here we come!!!! Miss you already! X x xx

7am – can we please , please , please get the little bear some help for her fear of flying , other than a huge amount of sedative?!  A very giggly , little girl , is a very hard to get on a plane! Thank god for Aunty may and Leonie!

10am – Flight went without any of cuasing a major international insurgent, so Yay! Little one was asleep like 5 mins after take-off! And now you will pleased to know we are off to the hotel and we are taking a cab!

10.45am – please, please, please don’t ever make me get a in a sodding cab in Rome ever again!!! On knees, begging and eyes down cast. Please?!?!?!

11am – YAY! Thank you for the awesome rooms! Twin for your mum and aunty may, and a double, double for us! Oh, and I squeaked when I opened my case and found my little cidders in there! And he smells of you! Love you froggie x x x

12pm – Propper Italian street food! I am in love with this place and I’ve only been here for 2 hours!


2pm – Humph! Being made to go back to the hotel to take a nap, really?! I know , I know , poorly , need to rest , blah, blah!

3.30pm ok so sightseeing this time of day is cool! So, so, so glade that your mum is with us, it’s like having are on-tour guide! Aunty may is on good form and being very funny.

5.45pm – Back and time for a shower and tidy up for dinner. I’m even going to wear a dress , just cos I can!

6.30pm – I love having babe and little bear about when getting ready to go out, I have pretty hair and just enough makeup to stop me looking like died! And having the same colouring means we only need the one make up bag!

7pm – Ok I normally hate hotel restaurant, but this one is good. The fact it has 4 veggie mains , as well as 4 veggies starters , side salads that you have a choice of dressings and deserts that sound nice and light!

8.15pm – ok don’t laugh too hard , but I got nerves and got the fidgets and kind of got my finger stuck in a wine bottle. Had to sit in a chiller for 10 mins to get it off L

9pm – Oh my good god! I am in love with the pare and walnut crumble with honey ice cream!

10.30pm – Ok off to bed we go! My aunty may is tipsy, Babe is tearful and little bear is fulling asleep on her feet! So it is an early night for use.

11.30pm – Good night Skype , You big softie! X x x

Thursday 16th march 2017: 7am – will I ever sleep passed 8am ever?!?! Nope! Shower time with Nikie ,

neb, dressed and hair and make up done!

8am – Breakfast, I do love a hotel breakfast! Have I said I really like breakfast????

9am – morning of sightseeing and yes, I’m doing the flipping Spanish step!

10.30am – ok a swear aunty may is me when I was a teenager! Walking up the sodding steps , only to get to the top and say , very load ‘fuck me , that’s a long way to climb when your sober’ . oh, and she got a random monk to carry her bag half way up the steps. Bear seems to be having a klutz day. she tripped up 3 times get up them and 2 time on the way down! Your mum and may won’t let us walk next to each other, out of fear us killing someone! RUDE!

12.15pm – Lunch! I swear I could eat a bloody horse , I think it’s the fresh air!

2pm – Ok I think everyone should be made to do bus tours of Rome, was amazing!

3.30pm – Ok I did need a nap today, snuggling with Bear is the best ever!

5pm – Now I’m on holibobs, but I’m doing homework. I just don’t want to get to far behind and I don’t want to get bad grades J

6pm- thought, having to think about what in going to wear for dinner and stopping and getting tidy is nice. Could we eat at 6.20pm at home? So I can make myself look pretty , oh and the girls have to do it to!!

7pm – Loving dinner tonight, Babe ordered for all of us in Italian!

9pm – Teehee, little bear and kitten be drunk! The waiter told babe she had very good oral skills, to which aunty may told him off!

9.45 – Bed time skype again! Getting us all naked and well make are selves come, FUCK ME was that HOT!

12pm – play time was epic! I think holding Babe down was a nice touch if I say so myself!

Friday 17th march 2017: 7am – Squeak breakfast date with just me and kitten! Love , love , love this! Not done this in ages!

8.30am – So I’m off to mass in a strange country with aunty may, what could go wrong, right?

10am –  OK I am not a religious nut, but in in the Vatican!!! Your mother knows so much stuff, it’s like having a posh tour and not having to pay for it! Even Babe was impressed by the it all!

12.30pm – I have eaten too much at lunch! Why is all the food so delicious!!

3.30pm – sightseeing done for the day, so we are back to the hotel for a nap. Done willingly today, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

5.30pm – Early dinner, and then posh frock, hair, and makeup, as we seem to be go to the opera tonight!

8pm – Off we go to see Opera in its rightful home!

11pm Just home and straight to bed, in buzzing!

Saturday 18th march 2017: 7.20am – Up, neb done, meds and breakfast done! Now shower time and decided what to wear for a walking tour of Rome!

9am – Aunty May is resting for the morning, as is your mum, so with babe in charge, off we go. Oh, and Kitten has the map not me!

12.30 – We made it to are lunch meeting spot on time and without getting lost! We are having a light lunch and then off to look round a museum!

4pm – great afternoon! How does your mum explain stuff without me feeling thick? I’m sure normal people know this stuff and I missed it at school, cos I was looking out the window at the flowers or sky!

6pm – Family style dinner!

9pm – Skype call before bed! yay, but really making me do that to all the girls??? Was much fun!

11.30pm – Playtime was great fun this evening! Babe is amazing as always, thank you for letting us play!

Sunday 19th march 2017: 7.45am – Holy cow I slept late! Lush breakfast with everyone, meds taken and neb done!

9am- shower time and packing. Kitten got stuck under the bed again!

10am- Train station and on the train to Naples! We have all decide to brain storm the story thing beasty suggested, With the help of your mum and aunty may. Your mum has good ideas but aunty may be full of smut!

11.30 – I have learnt that trains in Italy are better than in the up, in not good with peeing on a moving train and aunty may is a Kinky thing!

12.15 – please remind me if babe says it only a 10 min walk to the hotel to not trust her, ever again!

1pm – Squeak proper pizza for lunch and I had salad too! I also had a small glass of wine, but I did have 3 glasses of water too!

5pm – Again if babe ever says fallow me I know the way, do not trust her at all! I thought Brighton had strip hills and winding lanes! Loved it though!

7pm – I fell asleep for 45 mins and got woken up with a kiss from kitten! Love her so much x Dressed in a dress for dinner, not sure what people are going to make of my tattoos, but hay who knows!

9pm- again nice dinner! Ok, think we need more big family dinners when we get home!

9.30pm – I’m having a bath with Little bear!

10pm – Skype Call to read us a bed time story! SOFTIE!

11pm lights out, big day planned meeting your Nona again! Excited!

Afternoon everyone! I was meant to post this , this morning . (opppsss) . But I’m on Holibobs in Italy , and I was half way up mount Etna, so…..

Sorry for not being around as much as I said I would but I was sick and in the hospital and then I was working my little Irish butt off at crufts! But I’m back now and even got a post ready for Thursday!


Pixie x x x



Hay guys,

Mouse (Pixie) has asked me to pop on here and say a massive sorry for the lack of post last week and this week! The poor thing came down with a really bad Ear infection at the start of last week. She had hoped to be able to stay at home and fight it off , but the daft bat got in the night to go for a wee , got dizzy , passed out and hit her head! So the Boss man took her to get checked over and the doctors felt that she needed to stay in for a few days to get better and rest!

So no diary this week , but hopefully a couple of fun post at some point in the week!

Hugs and love,

Kitten x


The Diary of Pixie Heart

So , I have done! (a bit later than I planed, cos the Wi-Fi went bonkers, again!) hear is last weeks diary, Strangely not half as kinky last week as I would of thought, but you can’t be kinky all the fecking time!


Pixie x

Diary : Mouse.

 Monday 20th February 2017: 6am – Up, dogs walked, yoga done, breakfast, meds & neb. Kitchen cleaned, swept, and mopped, dishwasher on, towels in dryer and first load of clothes on to was. Can I ask, did kitten do any of the washing last week?! (yes that was me snipping , but I mean nothing by it!

10am – Time to get ready for Norah’s big send off. Thank the gods I have you with me, I am not sure I have it in me to go through this on my own. Why do I seem it be going to more funerals than weddings? Can we just cross everything that I don’t end up getting in a fight with my mother, please?! Why the hell she needs to come I don’t know!!!

11am – well hear goes, let’s say good bye to one of the most wonderful people to ever of been>

12pm – Thank you, thank you , thank you! I really could not have stood up a given that eulogy. Hell reading a poem has done me in! The rest of it was perfect. The flowers, the music , the words you wrote. Must give kitten extra love later for coming up and holding my hand, I would have broken down without that!

12.15 – After party , you actually got them to change it from a wake to Aunt Norah’s after party! She would of loved that! Love you Frenchie, very much! X

1pm – Glad I said no booze, mother is being a horrid mess again. Grrrrrr!

2.30pm – Home , shoes off , bra off , leggings and rugby shirt and yes , I am more than happy to take an afternoon nap!

4pm – Up , dogs walked again, and class prep done. Now what the flip do I cook for tea?!

5.30pm – See I can make a meal out of things in the larder!

6.15 pm – why do you seem to think I can’t take a shower on my own?! Or is it code for something?! Lol but thank you for washing my hair and putting my cream on my back J I missed that I hospital x

7.30pm snuggles with the girl on the sofa , while you are out playing pool with the boys! Ok I know which is best and I don’t care if it makes me old!

11.15pm – How am I all tucked up in bed with you and the girls?! I was on the sofa and watching x-men and then I’m in bed? thank you for reminding to do my bed time neb, silly head that I am!

2am – Great bad dreams again! But at least I get cuddles and kisses to make it better, thanks you Boss man! #spoilt

Tuesday 21st February 2017: 6am – Woke up full of beans this morning, are you sure I must stay off college?! Yoga , dogs walked , breakfast and meds & neb done.  Emails , wagmin and accounts up to date! (I need to get better accounts software, just saying) Bath rooms cleaned , beds changed and floors swept and mopped! This girl is on fire today!

10.15am – Little bear phoned to say she has left her homework in the fridge, she thinks?!?! How is she so bloody scatter brained! Love are little nut! X

11am – Ok so morning telly sucks, like really what the flip! So, I am doing my creative writing homework and trying to not freak out at how much I’m missing! I know it’s only a week, but what if I can’t catch up or my grades drop?!

12.15- 1.15pm – I love you for bring home bagels! Oh and actually letting me have a whole 10 mins to eat them in! 😉 I do love a Tuesday lunchtime shag on the sofa! Only you can make me come 4 times in 50 mins, let me give you a blow job and extra time cuddles!

2pm – Walking the dogs . I can’t walk past that bench without blushing!

3.30pm – Yep I am making proper diner tonight! Not cooking for a week was horrid and I know you said not to, but next time I have treatment I am so leaving meals in the freezer for babe. I worried little one would eat crap and undo all her hard work L yes, I’m a fuss bucket I know but I worry about you all so much when I’m not here. (it’s my thing!)

5pm – house is clean again! Yay! Ok I know it was clean and tidy , But it is ‘mouse’ clean again!

5.45 – pm your home earlier than you said! Yay!

6.30 pm – ahhh! Ok so I am being big headed, but that dinner was a good one!

7 – 8 pm – I do love it when we all have a shower together! Teehee, takes 3 times as long , but I am defo clean!

8.30 – 11pm – Well that was fun! I do love it when you let Babe be all Dom on us all! Thank you so much for your tongue and hands on me and for fucking the hell out of us all! Toffee sauce was inspired!

11.15pm – bed time story and lights out. One is a pooped little mouse tonight!

Wednesday 22nd of February 2017 – 4.30 am – I do not care who the fuck needs to speak to you, but wait till a god damned earthly hour to ring! GRRRR!!!!

6.30 am – Well I’m up and ! Lol . Dogs walked , breakfast done , meds and neb done , and shopping list written! Washing on , sheets in the dryer and ironing started. (did 2 baskets and have to left to do) . Thank you for going easy on Kitten , she is poorly bad, shouting is not going to help. She is getting looked after now, we will make her fit back together again. Sorry I got stroppy and pouted, but you laughed and hugged us , so it was worth it!

10 am – Uncle Fred has decided to drive today; cos I was poorly last week! I’m allowed to get the coffee!

11am – Food shopping and coffee done! The man in Starbucks was flirty, I said aww thank and smiled, got a free hot milk!

12.15 – Aunty may has made drunken cake and her tomato soup! We had grilled cheese sandwiches with it, opppsss! that is not on my eating list is it, no chance you’re going to let that one slide is the?! Kitten ate her lunch and extra custard! I know I can’t do this but I’m watching her to make sure she is eating and not purging, why would she think she is anything but perfect?!

2pm – oh dear god! Please, please do not encourage Aunty May anymore! I already have her stalking my Facebook and Instagram! She has even sat down and written her drunken fruit cake recipe out for sir! I can’t have it but he can, how unfair is that?! Sulking now!

4pm – We are having burritos for dinner, but we are going meat free! Writing a blog post about our girl dates , with kitten . PMSL!

5pm – why does it take So long to fold towels? And why have I got so many flannels? And why does folding towels make my hands itch like crazy?

6pm – Dinner is served! Thank you for not being a bum about no meat in them , kitten is eating and that is what matters!

7pm – Still writing the bloggy thinging bob.

9pm – Bed and tv with the girls, I wish you would just come to bed and stop working , your tired my love, please don’t stay up to late.

10.30pm – thank you for coming to bed, and thank you for the story, taws delicious!

11pm – Light out , I need sleep!

Thursday 23rd February 2017 – 5.45am – So yes, I’m up 15 mins early, but if I must be cooking the nude I’m putting the heating on, it is flipping cold!

6.15am  Breakfast done, dogs walked, yoga done , meds done , neb done! Living room tidy, all down stairs floors swept and washed! I need to sort the airing cupboard out, remind me later please!)

10am – College work is killing my brain. I am going to finish my history and then do something fun!

12.30pm – Me and kitten have taken all 7 dogs to the pub for lunch!  Love the fact that 6 of them walking and just flop! Spidie even walked in this time , but asked to sit on kittens lap cos the barman wanted to fuss her! Jordy got in Kim’s handbag again, mad eye ran around like a looney and boodie, blossom, and belle just slept in front of the fire! Safire is being fussy and seems uncomfy L

2pm – So yeah long lunch! I am now going to crack on with homework, Do the videos that have been sent over and then write up my client notes. I have really got to stay on top of them better, or I’ll be the one getting all behind and unorganised.

5.30pm – So pancetta and pea pasta for tea and me and kitten are having tomato sauces and feta pasta.

6.15- I hate eating dinner that quick, but I need to clean up and be ready to leave by 6.45pm, Date night!

7pm – ok , I know I say this a lot , but Babe ‘Rules ‘ on the date planning! Guys and Dolls, with pre-performance drinks! Thanks, you for dropping us off and for looking after the hounds! Yours the best x x

10pm – Ok that was great, awesome and epic! Now going to creams for ice cream! Although I have no idea how I’m going to walk there in these shoes and this skirt, I may freeze to death!

12.30 am – Opppsss late home and drunk as a skunk! Why is it when I go out you insist on making the floors all wonky, adding more stairs and the bathroom miles from the bed?? Also I can give jazzy a piggy back , I has got muscles too! But thank you for making us tea and toast, sweet! Now how do you get a bra off Babe without her noticing?!?!?

2am- I swear sex is better when it’s with all of us and I get to play with babe’s lady bits! Night sexy one. X x x x

Friday 24th  February 2017: 6.20am – Up, yoga and dogs walked. Home to make the girls and your breakfast and eating it in bed! the girls have hangovers and I swear bear is green. Proud of you still going for your run and thanks you muchly for taking mad eye and saffie with you x x .

9am – ok having managed to get the girls up, showered and dressed, feeling super proud of myself. Only for you to turn up with bagels, 2 knackered dogs and 4 very happy ladies! Love you Frenchie x

9.30am – FAMILYDAY! Bring it on!

10.15am – If I had known we was going swimming I would so have not done yoga! I always forget , when you say swimming you mean swimming. The girls all go off to do their lengths and I have to stay with you and practice . No looking at boobies! But then I did get to spend time with you, I did get my swimming lesson (thank you for doing that and not making me feel silly x ) and for the smooch;)

11.45 am – Ok so yes, we took ages, yes, we are women and yes, we did sort of misbehave, but you did say to take are time and to make sure we showered well;)

12.30 pm – YAY! Secrets for lunch, oh yay!!!

1.30 – Home . Time to walk the hounds again and then sofa time and Dvds!

3.30 pm – I do not need a nap! (if that is code for an afternoon eye opener you so need to just say!)

4pm – Hmm now that is a nap I will take every day of the week!

6pm – I love cooking and doing homework with the girls! Oh, and I know you’re up to something, just not what it is! #clueless

7pm – Ok housekeeping Shower and as always thank you for taking the time and care to check that I’m clean, hairless and for washing my hair and back. Glad I got little Tony clean and thank you for making me scream!

7.30pm – squeak!!! Really, really ,really practice in the living room!!!! We always make you proud and smiley .

10.30pm – dear god my bottom is going to be black and blue in the morning, but thank you! oh and god I have missed kittens and little bears boobies, oh and Babe was on good form as always! Glad she got you going at her full force though, she needs it sometimes, hell we all do!

11.15pm bed time story and lights out! Tired little mouse!

Saturday 25th February 2017: 6am – Yoga, Dogs walked, med and neb done, breakfast cooked, eaten and cleared up. Sorry I got in a tizzy over stuff and I am sorry I put myself down. I know I get punished for it, I know it breaks my rules and I’m trying not to do it. 3 weeks without doing it is pretty good for me. Thank you for boosting me up , for cuddles and loving me , even though I have a broken brain sometimes!

9.30am – ok I know you’re having a ‘boy’s day’. But I still think going to a craft fair and then afternoon tea is way more fun than spending the day playing Xbox, just saying! Please call for pizza or chinse and pretty please , don’t let Alex try cooking again, pretty please!?!?!?! Begs on her knees!!!!

10am – Yep we made it, yep we had a big breakfast, yep we went straight to the waffle and crape stand! Could we each chose what we wanted , hell no! So, we shared each other’s! Banana, Nutella and salted caramel cream won the day! (not telling tails , but Bear liked the plate, just saying!)

12.15pm – Ekk! Having so much fun! I have bought stuff that I know what I’m going to use! let’s just say the hounds are all going to have new collars, blankets, and beds for the van! Ok I also got some stuff for myself to have a go at too and me and Nikie want to talk to you about the work room! So now I’m going to try and eat lunch in a crowed hall, in front of people I don’t know and I’m not going to have a fit!

12.45- I did it!!! Oh my god , go me! Babe put the rubbish in the bin cos I got freaked out a little , but I did ok!

1.30pm – Ok, so I got panicked and told the girls I need to time out. Got a cup of tea and read my book for 30 mins , then the girls came and found me. proud I saw I was getting close to attack and stopped it!

2-3.30pm – Ok you rock! Afternoon tea + bubbles + my girls = Happy Mouse!

4pm – Home. Babe seems to of decided you all need haircuts! Hahaha! So, me, Kitten and Bear are doing colouring and playing games in the kitchen!

6.20 pm – See I told you homemade curry goes down better that take out! Nah a nah! 😛

7.15pm – Showers , Jammies on and hair in braids! And yes, I have kept a bra on so we can’t be trying to cheat!

8pm – Wii sport tournament, Girls v Boys! Although I for one think the fact you Gus keep flashing your guns is very unfair! I may just have to take top off or make out with Babe!

11pm – We so kicked you bum! Hahaha! But I do think I have dislocated a boobie, care to check!

12pm – that was nice , I like it when you just decided I need fucking, just hard and long and the fact you know just when to get that arm across my throat! Put now sleep , please sleep !

Sunday 26th February 2017: 6am – Up and at em! I slept super well last night. Yoga , dog walked, meds and neb done, breakfast eaten. Towels on to wash, cloths hung out to dry, sheets folded (thank you bear for offering to help) Shower, hair wash, dressed, hair done and makeup on. Thank you for not being to demanding this morning, I can’t be kinky or sexy before Mass! I know its old fashioned , but I do like my bells and my smells! I always have and I guess I always will take comfort in my faith. And Thank you for putting a tie on , brushing your hair and coming to hold my hand, I really do love you a great deal Frenchie!

10.30am – oh dear lord, that was hard work! I know I’m not a parent, but good god, I swear if I acted like that at mass when I was a kid I would have the spanking of my life! (mmm spankings)

11am – Home to house work and dinner prep, Babe is working , bear is out with jay and you and Nikie have gone back to bed! I know you’re doing it cos you said you’re tired, but I know your letting me have a bit of time to tidy and clean up, I know competitive house work, blah blah blah, but it makes me happy!

1pm – bear got us soup and fancy bread for lunch ! got to love our little one. X

1.30pm –  family dog walk. I really do think we need to wear more bright colours, we looked like a really goth Adams family!

2.50pm – Homework time. I am so never going to get the hang of this ITC stuff, but I’ll keep at it!

4pm – Why, oh why did I think cooking veggie and meat bolansain would be fun to teach Bear , on a Sunday when we have people coming to dinner!

6pm – Thank you for sorting the wine out, for getting kitten to do the table, babe to go get bread and for keeping the menfolk out of the kitchen. I know Alex is a great cook , but he starts changing stuff and I get lost and confused!

8pm – Epic dinner , now bath time with girls and then time for a beer!

8.30pm – Ok I feel like we are just being slobs, but oh hell, Sunday night to cuddled up on the sofa with you guys is my little bit of heaven!

12am- Did I full asleep again?! Thank you for caring me to bed, for tucking me in and now cuddling me back to sleep!


How it’s going to be….

So kinksters,

how is your Sunday treating? I’m really flagging and very much need food, a bath, and my bed! or I could just have a cup of tea with caffeine in it, but then I would be bouncing of the walls for the rest of the day! lol

So, I thought I would tell you what we have been planning for this bloggy thinging bob. On Tuesday mornings, my diary from the past week is going to be published, so people can have a giggle, learn about our poly life and if they want ask questions! (I do love a good old question!) The Boss man has also decided to set me a writing challenge that I must post on a Thursday afternoon. Then on a Sunday, me and the girls are hopefully going to post something fun and interesting! (well I did say hopefully). well that is how it’s going to work for the time being. I will also hopefully write some more stuff for MM, but that may be less frequent now, I have a lot going on over the next few weeks and not being a super human, I don’t want to get too frazzled!

well, enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Love and hugs,

Pixie x x x

Girl Dates.


One of the things I love about the way we live and are rules is the fact that the girls and I have a weekly ‘Date night’. It is one of the few times that the boss man lets us out on our own, without some form of male protector. The are with everything we do, rules for date night, not because our Dom is a control freak, but to keep us safe and maybe so we still know who is in charge, just a little bit!

The rules are , dress in a lady like manner, no swearing , no misbehaving without asking and one person is to stay sober . We are to hold hands when walking about, we are not to losing sight of each other and Babe is in charge. (I think that’s code for she is the only one of us that is half sensible!) . Apart from that we are free to go and do what we want.

We have an unspoken rule, that we take it in turns choosing what we do on date nights. Babe will always choose a posh dinner, dancing and drinks or something cultural. (that’s code for shit that you need to think about and act classy). Little bear, well her date night is all about fun, cuteness, and giggles, pretty much her in date form! Normally food (Jackson and rye or Nando’s), Dirty milkshakes and either the cinema or bowling. Kitten and I, well are taste are similar really. We are more likely to choose something that we can just kick back and chillax doing or get sweaty doing. We seem to do a lot of sports or gig watching, but also, we both have a love of the theatre. Musicals, plays and the ballet are favs!

Now we do stick to the rule of acting like ladies, most of the time. But they are times when, things take, how can I put it, umm well I guess and odd turn?! Usually if someone has a few drinks. I should say that me and kitten are tots light weights, I mean like a 3 beers limit. Babe is a tough welsh girl and can drink most men under the table. Little bear well she gets pissed on the fumes from a g & T. Also, if me or little one have too much sugar, msg, or caffeine well, yes! Lol


We have had some memorable date nights. The was the time we went to a club and me and little one really needed a wee, but the was a massive cue, so we shared a cubical, each turning around to let the other pee in privacy. When we went to get out bear went first and it being a very small cubical and her boobies rather large, the door got wedge in-between them. I had to climb over the top to get out and then get a doorman to help get her out. The was the time that babe decided we should go to Croydon and after a few beers insisted we went to Ikea. Kitten when drunk will tend to wander off and find a quiet spot for a nap. She did this and we lost her for an hour and a half, panicked I had to try and explain I had lost my drunk girl friend to a very shocked and worried looking employ. She was found asleep in a wardrobe, but not after we had to launch a store wide kitten hunt! Oh, the shame!


But it’s not even when we drink that things become interesting. The was my ice-skating date, that we had been on for 15 mins when bear tried to do a turn, misplaced her foot, did a back flip and land on her head. Well, because she kind of knocked herself out for 3 mins we had to go to the hospital, in a blinking ambulance, blue lights, and all! Kitten decided a couple of weeks ago, to go to a trampoline park for a date night. Well I stupidly wore a low-cut t-shirt and a huddle, not thinking that jumping about for an hour would get hot in a hoddie and not wearing the right bra, my left boobie decided to fall out in front of a group of 14-year-old lads, on a birthday party. Oh, and the was my choice of going and doing rock climbing (in doors) and babe wore her super sexy leggings. With tight harness and kitten keeping the rope tight, it meant that not only did Babe get a wedgie but she lost her grip, fell, and somehow split her leggings in half. Thankfully we managed to fashion a makeshift skirt out of a hoodie. if nothing else we can say we are the queens of functional improvisation!


We also have date night when we ask if we can misbehave and if maistier say yes, well that is when the real fun and games happen. The was the time we teamed up in pairs, kitten, and me v babe and little bear, to see how many men or women’s phone numbers we could get. Kitten and I got 34, but babe did her Dom thing with little one and got 67! Mistier set as each the challenge of how many nipples each of us could lick in one night, I’m very proud to say that I won, with 98 nipples in one night! Kitten and I also hold a record of how quickly we can make a guy come without touching him. 4 ½ mins on that front! Well we do like to tag team men and we do pole dance and burlesque classes for fun. Babe likes it if Matsier puts her in charge on nights out, but then we like that, cos well she is good at it and is rather delicious. The things she does or makes us do in front of men, can be bloody obscene at times.


But the best thing about them is the fact that we giggle nonstop, have fun and it is spending time together and just enjoying each other. The is the bonus that we get to smooch, hold hands and we’ll have PDA that make men hard and women jealous as hell that we can do that to men, just acting the way we do!


Might have to share what family date nights are like, they are X-rated though, any takers?!

Love and Hugs ,

Pixie x x x x


A rainy Monday afternoon.

It’s a dull rainy Monday afternoon. I have been on the go from 4.30 am and I’m really flagging. Maîtres has told me to go take a nap and since I’m being a good girl, off I trot to are bedroom. Striping of to my panties and his Star Wars t-shirt. The bra comes off too, as I pull down the blind and slip under the covers. But I’ve got a bad case of the fidgets again and after 30 minutes of trying I’m still wide awake! I turn over, with a huff to face the door. Only to find Maîtres leaning against the door frame watching me wriggling, his body gently shaking with silent laughter. Smiling down at me, with that slightly cocking grin that makes me melt inside. The one that has been my undoing so many times.

Looking at me in that odd way he does, in his thick French accent that sends a shiver down my spine and making everything south of my navel contract almost painfully. He ask ‘can’t you sleep little mouse?’. Not trusting my own voices, I choose to nod my head. with a soft laugh and gentle tone, he asks ‘would a story and cuddle help?’ again I answer with a nod of the head, as I scoot over to my side of the bed.

He walks in the room, closing the door behind him.  stopping to pick up the book he was reading to the girls and I last night, visions of last night flash through my head and another shiver run down my spine, this time making my nipples harden in to hard little nubs, that are begging to be touched. He takes off his shoes and pulls back the covers and climbs in and settles in his spot, right in the middle of the bed. propping a pillow behind his head and then reaching and pulling me into my safe place. The space between the bottom of his ear and his neck, where he tucks my head every night and where I snuggle when I’m worried or poorly.

I cuddle in to his chest, comforted be the steady beat of his heart. The book opens to the spot we got to last night, before we got to playing. He clears his throat and starts in a voice that is soft and steady, while he idly strokes my hair. The words of the story he reads don’t register in my little brain, it seems more interested in how he is toying with my hair and has decided to give that tight feeling in my tummy and an itch between legs, that has started to make me very wet indeed. I start to fidget again trying to get some relief, with no effect other than to make me fall farther in to his arms.

‘Mouse, for goodness sake will you settle down’ he commands. ‘what is the matter with you?’

I still have no words to tell him what is troubling me, instead I simply place my hand flat on his tummy. My sign for letting him know I’m horny and that I desperately need relief. He lets it stay there for all of 5 seconds, before his arms are under mine, hosting me to sit between his legs with my back supported by his chest. My arms go around his neck to move myself closer to his lips, but he holds me in place with a ‘be still girl’ in his do as I say tone. His hands travel down my rib cage and grab hold of the bottom of the t-shirt I have on, pulling it over my head. his hands grab handfuls of my soft breast and his none to gentle handling of my nipples makes my breath hitch, as one hand travel south over my rib cage, over my soft belly, round the curve of my hip, and finally meeting the outside lips of my pussy. All the while his other hand is roughly mauling at my breast and nipples

Lost in the moment and loving the rough treatment my nipples are getting, I seemed to of forgotten his hand is cupping my pussy with his other hand, but I’m abruptly bought back to the moment when I receive a sharp slap to my pussy and he growls ‘Open’. I do as I’m told and open my legs to allow him access to my pussy.

I nearly come as soon as he slips his fingers inside me, but I bite down hard on my lip so I don’t, knowing that coming without permission would be breaking the rules. I shudder as one finger becomes two, by the time his thumb touches my clit ring I’m shaking.

Then in that commanding tone, that I love so much, he says ‘Arms round my neck now missy’. In doing this I am forced to arch my back and to throw my head back. I thrust my breast out and my pussy forward in to his hand, hard. He continues to fuck my pussy roughly with 2 fingers, while he applies pressure to my clit with his thumb, moving it in agonizingly slow circles.

I feel the tight not in my tummy gets to point of being painful and the muscles in my pussy start to spasm, I start to beg to be allowed to come. His thumbs circles faster and faster, he moves his mouth to my ear and whispers ‘Come for me little one’. That is when my pussy clamps down on those magic fingers and he pulls hard on my clit ring. I feel as if I’m going to explode and never come down from the bless I have just experienced.

He holds me close till my body stops shaking and then removes his hand from my pussy, place his soaked fingers to my mouth and again in that commanding tone says ‘open’. I take his fingers in to my mouth and suck and lick them till I remove all traces of me from his finger. Oh, I do love that sweet and slightly musky taste that is all me.

When I move to turn, and face him, I receive a slap to my breast. He growls ‘not now mouse, nap time and play later’ He shifts and move us on to are right hand side and spoons with as my eye start to feel heavy and my brain gets foggy with sleep. The last thing I remember is him dropping kisses in to my hair and him telling me I’m a good girl, as drift off in to a wonderful, deep, and calm sleep.

Well this is my first atempt and a short story for the epic Kayla Lords Masturbatin Monday . Hope you all like it!


Love and hugs,

Pixie x x x x