Question time with the girls….

A few weeks ago maîtriser set as a challange to get and answer questions form are F & F . So we got Questions , Sat down tonight and answered them! The girls had wine and i had Ice chips and much laughter was had! So here you go!

Question time with the girls….


Axle, Newark. What are the best and Worse things about living as 4 women and one Man? 

Babe: The upsides are your never lonely or at a loss for someone to chat with. You always have support, love and respect. Maîtriser is very good at making each of us feel special and needed. The downside is that sometimes maîtriser can get a little tired and with 4 women, the is always someone who is horny. But then the upside to that is that maîtriser love watching us play, so ….

Kitten: For me, the best bit is living with 3 sexy girls who I have a huge amount in common with. Maîtriser looks after us all extremely well and being with him has given me a place to be myself and feel safe. The only bad points I can think of are 4 women being female at the same time and fights that brake out over silly things like who ate the last of bears pop tarts! (clue it is always her!)

Little Bear: Hmmm, I guess sometimes people snap or get grumpy with each other or will over step the mark. The Frog will come down hard on us over braking of some of our rules, but then if he is really tough the other girl’s kind of look after me. The best bits are having one huge makeup bag, always having something awesome to wear, the sex and being allowed to be little. I also LOVE spending time with mouse doing things like homework, cooking or watching Disney films! Also, mouse’s dogs are Epic fun!

Mouse: The worst part is that sometimes I need space and it can be hard to ask for it. But the things I love the most are the sense of love, fun and friendship I get from the girls. I also know that I have a man who loves me very much and who has been capable of great change and huge amounts of forgiveness. I have learnt so much from all the members of my crazy little family. Yes, I’m off to vomit now too!

JD and Jinx, what are your top 3 sexual fantasy?

Mouse: Sex in an office with an unlocked door, be fucked by someone who is being told what to do by the frog, Babe, and her ridding crop!

Babe: Doming the girls while maîtriser watches, Sex in public places and hair pulling and force.

Kitten: Hand job under the table, being allowed to play freely with the girls in public and playing with mouse’s clit ring!

Little Bear: Adult Sleep overs, back seat of the frog’s jag and being tied up by Babe! She’s the Queen of ropes!

Kimi M, somewhere out there 😉 What do you all do for none kinky fun?

Little bear: aww none kinky fun!!! Hee hee hee! I like to cook with mouse, she’s taught me the basics, but we are going to try harder stuff soon too! I love animals, so I love horse riding and spending time outside. Love going to the cinema, bowling and dirty milk shakes!

Kitten: BEAR! Lol. I love drawing, doing crafty thing, and knitting. God that makes me sound so old. I also love going to the gym, running and rock climbing. I am quit in to comics and super heroes too! I also learnt a few years ago to ride a motor bike, and that is super fun!

Mouse: Yoga and the gym are at the top of my list right now, but due to being pregnant I have gone from running and lifting weights to more stretching and gentle stuff for now.  When I’m not up the duff I do kick boxing and spare. I also ride motor bikes, but again that is on hold for now! I love sewing, cooking, knitting, reading, and making stuff. I also compete in a lot of stuff with my dogs. They are a huge obsession of mine and they are the reason I changed jobs! Apart from that, I would say looking after my house and my family!

Babe: Motorbikes seem to be a thing we all love! Lol not as much as maîtriser! Gym, running, dancing, and drinking beer are some of the things I love doing. Also, keen at learning new languages and about different cutlers.

Jobe O’Conner, Belfast, what is the worst punishment and what is your favourites?

All: Paddles!

Babe: Yeah bloody hate paddles! I personally don’t have a huge love of pain so pretty much any type of pain or the threat of it is enough to get me to behave. I do like being made to punish the girls, being made to give blow jobs with no hands and butt plugs are nice too.

Kitten: not being allowed to touch, or kiss or play with girls is a killer! Like spankings, being told what to do to another person and being made to play to the point of coming and then made to stop.

Little Bear: Not being allowed to play or make out with the girls is killer. But having to be an adult all-day or not having cuddles with maîtriser. Not keen on too much pain either. Quit like told what to do to the girls, being made to hold positions and going out in just heels and a coat too!

Mouse: Now see I’m the polar oversite to Babe, I LOVE pain! Well except paddles! Spankings, whips, crops, clamps or like that, well we are talking puddles here. lol. But my idea of hell is being asked to be in charge! I also hate when I get told to keep quiet, not being allowed out of bed or tech or social media bans!


John Brownstone, USA, how did you all come to be living in a poly household?

Babe: hmmm long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. I have been friends with the Frenchman for over 20 years. I was married for 5 years to a guy who was my sub, but he cheated on me. That kind of broke me and all I wanted to do was run and hide.  Maîtriser Offered me a place to stay, while I got myself together. His Sub at the time had just left to be with someone else, so having someone round helped him out too. One night after several bottles of wine, lots of talking and long night off fucking, well I became his sub. It was on the bases of friends who fuck, someone to look after me and the fact I could see other men and women, freely. That was 10 years ago and I’m still as happy now as I was then.

Kitten: Blimey, where to start. I met the frog years ago while a uni. I was single and just getting in to D/s and the fetish scene. He looked out for me and I kind of fell under his wing. The Dom / Sub thing just kind of happened. I Suffered with an eating disorder as a kid and depression. Maîtriser has always, no matter what been there for me when I have needed him. He found me a place to stay in Paris when I got a job out there. I should also explain, I dated mouse on and off at uni. Apart from being someone I liked fucking, mouse is also my best friend. So, when a few years ago her marriage broke down and she need me I was there straight away, as was the frog. So here I still am

Mouse: I have known the Frenchman since I was 19 and when were friends from the start! He let me hang out with his girls at clubs when my partner was away or too drunk to look after me. So, when I rang and told kitten I had kick my husband out and that I was ‘fine’ (that’s code for I’m not fine, I’m crushed but I don’t want to talk about) Kitten, the frog and babe turned up on my door step 8 hours later. I have never been so happy to see people in my life. Maîtriser was amazing, made me talk, gave me cuddles when I need it and pushed me when I needed it. (He does a great line in 3 am games of chess) When things changed and I started being his sub, well the fact he had female subs who are open, bi and poly was a huge bonus!

Little bear – I met. Maîtriser about 3a ago. I was working a rely crappy job, living in a tiny bed sit and struggling. I never got to go out or see my bf. but. Maîtriser and the girl took me under their wings and I became his sub. He looked after me when my bf had to work away. When they all moved in with mouse 2 years ago, mouse offered me her spare room, and all I had to do was pay the electric bill and a 5th of the food bill, I jumped at it! It is so lovely living in one big happy family now and it has meant that I can go to college and train as a vet nurses!

What does poly mean to you? All: Poly mean to us anyway, being in a relationship that is free, open trusting and loving. It allows us to be our self’s and to feel safe and loved!

Babe: we are very lucky that we all get on so well, that we all find each other sexually attractive!

Mouse: poly is not about having sex with multiple people. It’s about being in a committed relationship with more than one partner. I’m also going to add that, yes, we have others who we play with and have sex with, but I do not class myself as a swinger. as I don’t and can’t have sex with just any one or just for kicks. I must feel an emotional connection with who I’m shagging!!!

Emit O’Neal, Albany. Who are the biggest influences in your life and why?


Kitten: Emit only you would ask a proper deep and meaningful question lol Vivian Westwood and  Zandra Rhodes. They are amazing designers and woman that march to their own beat.

Babe – May West, a lady who was ahead of her time

Little Bear – Terry Pratchett, loved his outlook on life and his books. Miss him!

Mouse: Bettie Page, Amazing woman and so stunningly beautiful in a very understated way. Also, my Nana, cos she was the most loving and gentle person I have ever known.

 Do you have any pet peeves about each other?

All: Yes!!

Kitten: Little bear’s love of pop tarts, Babe’s snoring and when Mouse forgets where she left her glasses.

Mouse: bear leaving wet towels on the floor, the fact Kitten gets drunk on 2 beers and the fact babe can out drink most men!

Little Bear: Babe when she says she is old, Kitten when she is telling me where something is, in Polish! And when Mouse gets sad and won’t let me give her a cuddleL

Babe: When all of them won’t do as they are told!

Hugs ,

Pixie x x x x



So yesterday’s topic for discussion on the Loving BDSM 30 Day’s of D/s was Limits and what are mine/ are limits. It lead in to a talk about each of are hard and soft limits and how far we will let them be pushed. Now we all have are own different limits and we agreed that soft limits can be pushed till we use are ‘woo slow done ‘ Safe word , but we also agreed that hard limits , with us at least don’t get pushed. From a personal view my hard limits are stuff that makes me ewh! , tense or are likely to coarse me a great deal of mental distress! So I’m going to share my limits and explain them, cos I am waiting for the men folk , Again! (fyi beards seem harder work than hair and make up!)

Hard limits

  • Pee, Poop or Puke – Eww! just not in to it, never have never will.
  • Social Or Verbal humiliation – Thanks to my mother and my ex , this is something that makes me freeze up!
  • Fisting – Got the scares and had to have surgery to fix it, again thanks to my ex.
  • Breath Control – I have lung damage, asthma and an anxiety disorder , not really a safe thing to think about , really!
  • Bull whips – Again , been there, done that and got the scares, again thanks to my ex.
  • Being made to ‘Do’ the girls or any other submissive – Just not my thing and something that makes me very , very uncomfortable with.
  • Being touched by men without mine or your consent – Just really don’t like it!
  • Being ‘Worshiped’ By male subs, Ever! – Now don’t get me wrong I have loads of male friends that are sub, but I don’t find male sub sexauly attractive. I find them attractive, but I don’t have a Dom bone in my body, so it just not for me.
  • Swingers parties Again , been there , done that and got the scares. Again my ex! (he’s known as twat features by my friends!)

Soft Limits

  • Blindfolds and Gags – They make me really nerves and the boss man uses them as a punishment , but the way he does did leaves me wet and ready to go , so I’m learning to like them!
  • Being Domed be Female Doms – As long as the boss man is with me , I really like this! Oww maybe with a blindfold on!
  • Girl on top – For some reason it is the one position when it comes to sex that I’m um comfortable with , but I also want to learn to like it!
  • Strap ons – Shhh don’t tell the boss man but I love them really! Babe and her strap on! Love anything with babe at the other end of it!
  • Switch men being told what to do to me – Again as long as the Boss is the one giving the orders then I’m up for this. It’s about trust I guess?!?!?
  • Public play and sex  – ok so this is no big shocker! I love sex outside , in nature , but this is more about the risky stuff!

So well yeah that’s me and my Limits people! lol If nothing else its made me stop and think about them . Maybe I’ll have to have a think about them a bit more!


Pixie x x x x

Handling Negative Emotions.

So up yesterday on the Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s was Handling Negative Emotions. I’m going to share that this was taken by maîtriser as a chance to sit down with me and talk about how I handle some issues that I have. I have shared with the world about that in the past I have been in an abusive relationship and that I have both physical and mental heath problems , but really that is just the tip of a very rough time I have had over the years. I grow up In a very dysfunctional house hold. My mother went back to work when I was 6 weeks old, not out of need but want. She is and always has been a very carer driven woman, but also a very domineering woman. We don’t get on nor will we ever get on. I am the polar operant to her. I cry , laugh and show my emotions and as a kid this rub her up the wrong way. I struggled at school and as a teen got kick out of 3 schools, before I was 14 and got sent to a PRU. Again she hated this . But the straw that broke the camels back with her was when my ex hit me in front of her  and she turned a blind eye to it. So yeah , we don’t get on . My daddy (my father) has bipolar disorder (1) and while I adore him, he is very hard to like at times. As a kid when he was low I saw him OD, Cut his wrists and just hate every thing. When manic I have seen him walk out in front of traffic, be vile to everyone around him and to be held down by police and sedated. He would also get really angry and nearly always that got turned on me. Whether that was verbal or physical , I was his little punch bag. So , yeah I have issues there too! it is the reason I was so close to my nana and why I have some of the rules I have. Like not being allowed to see my family without the girls or maîtriser. And breath!

So away where was I?!?! Negative emotions, ok right where to start? So When I think of negative emotions I think of anger, self-doubt , self-destruction and not liking myself very much. In the past I was not allowed to express anger or not being happy , but now I have maîtriser  I am allowed to. at first I sort of had grown up paddies or tried to hide them , but now either cry or ask to talk stuff through with one of the girls . We all do that , it is one of the massive upsides to living with 3 women! (:)). I also suffer with really low self-esteem and used to put myself down at least 20 times a day. But maîtriser got me to see that by doing this I was kind of saying that what he was saying was not right and that he found that hurtful. So it was put as one of my rules that I would work on stopping doing that. It’s easy to stay that I would stop, but I am basically unlearning to do something that I have been for over 30 years. I get punished at least 3 times a week for it, but at least it’s not the 5 times a day I was, lol. A lot of my rules are based round having a healthy view of myself and on dealing with my emotions, when they happen and not bottling them up . It is a slow , hard thing to do.

So here is what I’m trying to say. We deal with negative emotions by talking about them , sharing them and owning them. If we are angry , were angry .if were upset were upset. if we get frustrated , we talk about it. We support each other , agree to disagree and talk about it , again! We try to redirect negatives into positives. We met things head on, together and talk about it! Basic we talk about , cuddle, talk about it and screw when angry! lol We do a hell of a lot of talking!

My sit down chat with maîtriser  was more of a big old boost Pixie up session! Turns out he’s dead proud of me and how much better I’m doing. (from this time last year!). Even after I had broken my phone , I still got my treat of a new book and a whole hour of free time! (also have maîtriser work phone, but I am still trying to figure out what the flip half the stuff on itdoes!) So yay Team Pixie!

This has been cartartic again! So yay!


Pixie x x x x

How Do You Communicate?

So yesterday’s topic of discussion on the 30 days of D/s list was ‘how do you communicate?’ . Very cool topic, but it did get are little bear one of the worst punishments she could be given for saying ‘ well you open your mouth and start talking’. Yes a tad cheeky , but no Poptarts for a week, really?!? lol Love my fluffy little bear and that smart mouth of hers!

communication is not all about talking, it’s a lot about listening too! it’s comes in many form as well , verbal and none verbal. it’s about body Language and facial expression . It is something I find really hard to get right. Hell I am working with a therapist at the moment on learning how to communicate better. Give my a group of dogs and I can tell you straight away what is going on, no problems , give me a group of people and I am loster than a lost thing (go easy I have been up since 4.30 am, thanks to kitten!)

Lets look at the verbal side of thing first shall we? I have found that most people will say one thing and mean something else. I find this really confusing and used to get in all sorts of trouble as a kind for just asking people if that was what they really mean. (apparently it’s not the done thing!) I have a mild form of autism and I find it really hard to figure out what people are really saying. I can’t judge tone of voice or emotion in voices very well , but I’m getting better. I also don’t always realise my tone of voice is not always operate for the situation. lol when I was retraining as a dog trainer , my mentor actually got me to work with an acting coach , to help me to learn how to have a happy , upbeat relaxed tone for teaching , a firm and clear tone for dealing with the grumpy husband customers and to show emotion and empathy when I had bad news. Really helped! So in are house , we have a rule that we always say what we mean.

As a house hold  I think we are pretty good on the talking and listening front. I mean we all like talking to each other and we listen to what each other is saying. We have a house meeting once a week that keeps things on and even quell . thinking about it , we all have very slightly different styles of talking and listening. The boss man is really calm , but also has a really good way of being able to make people talk. (you can’t keep secrets from him) . But he also has a way of smiling and chuckling that makes us all shut up! (and panties wet!) kitten is the most easy to talk to person in the world and has away of always finding a bright side to something , even when its something very bleak. Babe well She is the one I take with me to see the bank manager , she is a top negotiator! Little bear is , well she is just fruit loop! but she is gets everyone to laugh and is the person to take with you if you have to visit a sick friend. Me well I try to be a good listener and to say sensible things. but I am really prone to talking way to much and total crap when I get nervous, which is a lot of the time, so yeah! lol. I also have a habit , a very bad one of when I’m sad or upset of not talking and trying to hide away. maîtriser says that if I go quiet and shy then something is wrong.

I love non verbal communication. I like how subtle it can be. maîtriser has a way of standing up straight, shoulders back and head held high , that means do not fuck with me. the is a way he swagger in to the bedroom that you just know what he wants and is about to do. he also has a cheeky grin that melts  your heart and gets you to do what he wants. He also has this thing he does if any of us get grumpy or cranky. We will be talking to him and he will raise an eyebrow in such that it is impossible not to laugh at him, to which he either tickles or gives you a hug! We also have a thing that if we are nerves we are allowed to hold eye contact with maîtriser and he will remove us from playing or quietly ask what is wrong and fix it. HeHe , but if you ever end up round any of us and we put a hand flat on your tummy , well that means ‘i’m horny and need relief, NOW!’ likewise if maîtriser bite a neck or shoulder , it is his code for ‘ were fuck , and i mean right now’.

Maîtriser is also very good a using very few words to speak volumes . If we are acting up and he growl ‘girl’ we stop straight away. ‘hold still’ is another one of his that means stop wriggling and behave’ But the one that turns me to mush every time is , the three little words I get every lunch time , ‘hows my girl’. (yes I make myself want to puke sometimes too!)

So after all that sentimental waffling… I’m going to add that are house is pretty much full of laughter and a lot of the time it is confused laughter. See English is not my first or second Language . I grow up speaking a mix of Gaelic and Russian. I also speak English , Arabic, German , latin and Polish. Kitten is a native Polish and Dutch speaker. Babe speaks Welsh and Italian as her first langues. Little bear is English , but her dad is from Spain and her mum is Grease. maîtriser as you may have gathered is half French and Half Italian , so he normally speaks a mix of the 2 . So conversations can have a multitude of meanings! haha , I once helped a lady out in a petrol station as her English was ropy and got told by the Arab guy that I was very good at oral and got a free hot milk! lol

Anyway , I’m off to go hike to see a lighthouse! (long story , but it’s my treat!)


Pixie x x x x

How Will You Handle Conflict in D/s?

So today , well last nights topic of discussion with Loving BDSM 30 days of D/s was conflict in D/s and how we handle it. Now I have to admit that I / we changed the title straight away to falling outs and differences in opinions. Not that the is anything wrong with the title , but just the word Conflict is one of those words , that to me brings up very sad memories , that I find it hard to talk about or think about.

Let me explain. I was born and raised in Belfast . I grow up in the Shankill area of the city. Half my daddy’s family is from southern Ireland and half is Northern Irish, half Catholic and Half protestant. I was raised and still am a catholic, but growing up in the troubles and especially coming from the Shankill area was horrid. I grew up with bombings, being walked to and from school by the fathers and the sisters , people going missing and with English soldiers walking the roads with their guns. I Would not of swabbed my up bring for the most part. I come from Close family , who although they drive me up the wall, I love with my whole heart. But no child should see some of the things I did , to go to bed frightened and to of seen the violence I did . That is why I grimiest when people say they have major ‘Conflict’ at home. it makes me want to say to them, ‘ no mate you have troubles or falling outs, not bloody conflict!’ Sorry rant over!

So back to how we handle fillings out and differing opinions . Well as with everything we have rules about that type of thing. Firstly if someone does stuff that bugs us , instead of letting it fester away , we politely tell the person and ask them to stop doing it. Sounds way harder than it is , but you would amazed at how well it works! We also have family meetings once a week and that is the time we raise things that need to be sorted out. things like Bear always leave the top off the tea caddy, kitten dropping towels on the bedroom floor , Babe coming in and turning the TV over and me always forgetting to hang the dogs leads up. Lol All us girls even took a stand against maître and his sing of Justine Bieber songs! (I mean dude your like 52 years old!) . We also have a no swearing rule and a swear jar. We also have a no shouting rule, that was put in place as I suffer from PTSD and bear is really noise sensitive.

If we have a differing opinion from maître, again we talk about as soon as it happens and we don’t let it fester away. All he asks is that we don’t raise are voice , we are polite and listen to what he has to say on the matter. But we also know that everything he asks of us , is done with are wellbeing at heart and is done with love. If we are out and we think his being silly , over protective or if we don’t agree with him or if feel unable to cope with stuff , we ask politely and quietly to speak in privet with him. Again it seems to work a treat. it may seem odd that we don’t just do as we are told and that are Lovely Dom does not rule with a sort of iron will, but his not like that. he is a quiet man, who is calm and understanding. he shocks me by the depth of emotion n and feel that he is willing to show. it makes me smile to remember him saying to me before we got together , that he likes his submissive with brains and wills of their on , that he loves the ones who have spirit and fight in them. it means they feel and love with all of their souls!

strangely the one time we are likely to fall out is at dinner time. That is why I put in place my nana’s rule of no talk of history, politics , religion , spot or other people business at the meal table! haha she raised 11 kids and 47 grand kids and I don’t think I ever saw one fight at dinner!

maître says the is one week a month that he fears for his safety. Well living with for females does come with that’s a down side. He makes sure the house is full of Wine , chocolate , chick flick , ice cream and tissues , and if all that fails he hides in the pub for a few days!

of course we have times we will grump at each other or piss someone off. If that happens we get made to hug each other , cos you can’t want to hate someone your hugging, right??? (my nana again, very wise lady!)

So that’s us and are ways of dealing with fulling outs and differing opinions!


Pixie x x x x x

Ps a song that reminds me of the town I loved so well! The High kings – The town i loved so well


How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment?

So today on Loving BDSM 30 days of D/s we are thinking about how we/ I feel about Discipline and punishment. We sat and chatted about this at lunch yesterday. Not with the frog , he was off doing manly stuff, but with the girls and a very lovely gay friend Emmet. We did get a few odd looks from are waitress when she brought are food and we were half way through talking about spankings , humiliation and collars. HAHA I think I may have got a few raised eyebrows from Sir beasty when I msg him saying we had found a great outside spot for a shag , but the only man we had with us was gay. Emmet being practical as always said he would hold on to the dog , if us girls wanted to play! (Love him)

Now to me discipline is not just something you get or have in a relationships. sportspeople , writer and doctors are disciplined in the way the work , well anyone who is passionate about their job will be. I am very Passionate about my jobs, my family and my hobbies. I am also very passionate about my lifestyle and home life, so I would say I like disipline  in life. it is a way of me having control, balance and order that I crave. that is one of my ‘coping’ tools. I have my rules very clearly set down for me, as I said yesterday all 14 pages of them. Belive it or not I have a handy pdf on my dropbox and on my ipad (that goes every place with me) that’s not to say I don’t break my rules, cos I do and I hell I enjoy breaking them sometimes!

punishment is something that I love for a lot of reasons . I guess the main one is that punishment helps me learn to be a better submissive and a better person. it helps me grow (do I sound like a hippie???). very few of the punishments I get have anything to with physical pain , cos I’m a huge pain slut! lol . I do get a paddle from time to time though. the Frenchman is very creative with punishment , believing that it should fit the crime and it should sting! As I have said before we do things a little different for me . I have different levels of rule breaks and different levels of punishments. The girls are allowed to give me warning for little rule breaks like putting myself down or letting my sister belittle me. 5 warnings means a 5 * punishment. to explain it better I’m going to share the examples I have in my contract with maîtriser to explain it a little better.


 . No pudding after dinner

. No kissing the girls

. Someone else cooking dinner

. No bed time story

.  30 min time out, no tech, no talking and no eye contact

. 10 mins holding present

. 100 words on what I did wrong

. 10 on each check with a paddle

. no alone time

. no good bye kiss in the morning


2* –

. No cuddles with the girls

. No talking for 2 hours

. sent to bed early, on my own

. 4-hour tech ban

. 20 on each with a paddle

.  Hands on bed for the first 3 mins

. No serving maître for 2 hours.

.  Nipple clamps for an hour

. Leg and arm workout at the gym

. No touching myself while watching porn



. No make out sessions with the girls

. Hands on the bed for the whole time that maître goes down on me till I cum

. Wearing my egg or remote out and no cumming

. 30 on both check with a paddle

. Total tech ban for a whole day.

.500 words on what I did wrong

. 30 mins in whatever position maître puts me in, blindfolded

. blow job without using hands with maître in control.

. No bath, only showers for 3 days

. No talking at meal times for a week.



. Total tech ban for 3 days

. No date night

. No playing with the girls

. No cuddles in bed with maître

. No social media or phone for the whole day.

. No talking for the whole day.

. No free time for 3 days.

. 40 on each check with a paddle

. No touching myself for 3 days.

. No toys for 3 days.



. Tech ban for 5 days

. Total social media blackout for 3 days (not to included work media)

. No treats for 5 days

. No free time for a week.

. No serving maître for the whole day.

. No Cumming for 3 days

. No contact without side friends for 3 days.

. 100 on each check with a paddle

. Being driven to college by jazzy

. No access to office and work room for 3 days

so that is are twisted little take on discipline and punishment. Not for many I guess and yeah it a little like a kid getting punished , but it works for Me/ us so hay ho!



House Rules…

So after righting about rules and contracts and like yesterday , I thought people would like a giggle and have a look at are house rules! So ask the Boss man and he said yes!


·         No raised voices or shouting. If you need to speak with someone, walk and find them.

·         Chores and daily tasks are to be checked by Babe or Mouse.

·         No shoes worn in the house, only slippers or bare feet.

·         No eating while walking around, sit at the table, or cross legged on the floor or bed.

·         Be respectful, polite, and supportive to each other all times

·         No back chatting or sassing, at any time.

·         If in doubt check with Babe.

·         maîtriser is to be met at the door and if possible on your knees

·         Collars are to be warn always.

·         Bath times should be shared.

·         Maîtriser decides punishments.

·         If given blows, remember to count aloud.

·         Ask before using other people’s things.

·         If you use it, but it away.

·         If you empty it fill it up.

·         If it runs out, replace it.

·         Think before you talk and act.

·         Be mindful of other people’s personal rules and protocols.

·         If some asks for space, give it to them.

·         Observe clothing rules always.

·         Consent, respect, and love always.

·         Healthy food, hydration, and exercise daily.

·         No guest without permission

·         Homework, admin, and craft projects are done in the studio or at the kitchen table.

·         Exercise is done in the living room, if it’s not in use.

·         Last one to bed locks the back and the front doors.

·         Mouse oversees all things dog.

·         No slamming of doors.

·         Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

·         Bedtime is 11pm

·         Self-harm, drug taking or excessive alcohol intake are not allowed in this house, every.

·         Remember, everything tony ask is done out of love and with your best interest at heart.

·         Mouse is not allowed to have her mother, father, or sisters over without someone with her.

·         Always be open, honest, and up front always.

·         Lies will not be tolerated at all.

·         Keep your personal belongings safe and tidy always.

·         Babe has the keys to the meds cabinet and is to be asked if anything is needed

·         This is our home, but remember that Mouse owns this house, so show it the same respect you show Mouse.

·         Mouse and little bear are not to try and fix anything electrical

·          Maîtriser’s word is final, but if you feel you need to have words about something, do so in a calm, polite and respectful manner.

·         Live and love freely!


Pixie x x x x