Who am I?

Well I guess this is where I tell you all about myself, right?

Well my name is pixie and I guess to the outside world I’m just a typical happily married Irish house wife, living with her husband, in a little house, with our 3 female lodgers and dogs, and that is kind of right, I guess. But if you look a little closer, well you we will see that it’s not quite the whole story.

Yep, my name is pixie, yep I’m happily married, and yep I am Irish. But my ‘husband’ is also my Dom. My 3 female ‘lodgers’ are my huband’s submissive and my subbie playmates. You will see we all wear silver chains with 2 joined o rings, which are in fact collars. You will find my ‘Bedroom’ has 2 beds joined together and is ‘our’ bed. You will see that I meet my husband at the front door, on my knees every night and that I like doing what I’m told.

What I guess I should say is … HI, my name is Pixie, I’m an extremely Submissive  female, who is married to her wonderful Dom (aka the Frenchman). We have an open, non, monogamous, Polly, D/s relationship with the girls we live with. We do all share a bed, a house, and our lives together. And yes, we are very happy, but we put a hell of a lot of work in to being happy. (Just stating as well we are not TPE or swingers)

So, why am I writing this thing bob? Well it is hopefully going to be a creative outlet for myself, to share a glimpse, in to are world and our take on the D/s lifestyle. Using the diary, I keep for the Frenchman, every day. It’s not all about Fucking and Spankings, we have to work and do normal everyday stuff, just like everyone else. But we do have our rules, views, and ways of going about life that make everyday life, umm ‘interesting ‘So, I guess we’ll see where this goes, shall we?!

 Love and hugs,

Pixie x

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