I’m Loving ……..

Good evening Kinsters!

So I am sat at home, in bed at 9.20 pm on a Saturday night , with nothing or no body to do! It’s been a really weird week for me , with loads of ups and downs, with things changing at the last minuet . The high points have been my cinema dates with my great-uncle fred and doing are pass it on thing today. The low points have been my continued low mood, Babe hurting her hand (she had to have an operation and everything) and one of my dogs hurting her paw and due claw (She had to have an oppertion as well!) So I’m feeling a little down and all over the shop! so to calm myself down, make me smile and spread so happy vibes I decided to make a list of stuff I’m loving right now! (@pixieheartblog) come find me for some kinky banter!

  • Twitter – So yeah, I’m on twitter and feel like I’m making new friends and finding my tribe! I never really go in to the whole twitter thing when it first started , but now it is really becoming something that I am growing to love!
  • Ecstatic Relaxation – Found out about this listen to the Loving BDSM podcast. It sound good so I thought I would give it a go. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!! It is basically a guided meditation , that focuses on edging nearer and nearer to climax , and then backs off and build you up again. Not only is it really relaxing, but the guys voice is a major turn on (I have a thing for deep US drawl). when I finished myself of I came really hard , the sort of coming that leaves you needing a nap. Add to this that I was horny, needy and wanty after this for 5 days , and we had a very tired Boss Man and kitten!
  • Kink Academy  – So this is an awesome site (well I think so) . Full of loads of really interesting video on all things kinky! I have learnt a lot and I have been round the bloke a few times! lol. (FYI froggie that is not putting myself down!)
  • The Dildorks – Well their podcast! (and them!) Super informative, funny and full of different kinks! Me and the girls listen to it in the morning , cos its a great thing to listen to over breakfast!
  • Sinful Sunday. – Kinky pics , posted by kinky ‘normal’ people. It’s an off shoot of Molly’s Daily Kiss  , Which is also a great blog. But I love this cos it gets people thinking and being creative. The have been some pretty EPIC pics and I love looking at them with the Boss Man , and going we should tots do that or give it a bash!

So that is what is floating my boat and getting my juices flowing!


Pixie x x x x


Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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