Maintaining D/s When You’re Apart

Well up yesterday on my 30 days of D/s was about how we maintain the D/s side of are relationship when we are apart. Really Is quite a question , as me being part of a 24/7 poly D/s family the is more of us and we are not apart that much .

We do have a few ways of keeping it strong and maîtriser does ike to keep a really tight rein on us. If he has to travel for work and one of us can’t go with us he leaves Babe in charge and she is allowed to hand out punishment for any misbehaving or sassing. We Skype every evening , normally at bed time , so maîtriser can read us or bed time story. Some times we get ask to play in front maîtriser via Skype , which he controls. We are allowed to call, text and email and maîtriser always answers , even if it is just a lol or good girl!

If I have to work away 90% of the time one of the girls travels with me. I train dog trainers so I will have them their to assist and to keep an eye on the dogs. Lol they get paid to sit and play with my dogs I take with me and eat cookies all day. again we have a bedtime Skype and text, emails and phone calls. I have my diary that maîtriser asks me to keep and the mindfulness and self-care stuff I do for him. He will also set us little task for the evenings . Last time we were away , we had to write a list of sex fantasy we wanted to try out when we got home. The only other thing that seems to be in place is maîtriser putting a little surprise in my bags, so far I’ve found a dragon stuffie, a yoda stuffie , Chewbacc stuffie , Lego mini figures and new reading books, all with a note telling me I was super brave , that the boss man and girls missed me and that I am loved! Yup I know I’m spoilt, but it makes it a lot easier for me to be away from home. as I’m a real home body!  Well that’s about it, except my collar stays on 24/7.


Pixie x x x x

Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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