Introducing D/s to Your Vanilla Relationship . (The story of us!)

So up today on the Loving bdsm 30 days of D/s is the topic of introducing D/s to your vanilla relationship. Well this is a toughie for me/us , because I went from kinky and D/s and added in a vanilla side to things with the Frenchie! So I’m going to write about that instead!

Should explain a bit about myself I guess . I figured out that I was a girl who like Boys and Girls at the tender age of 14. The first person  I kissed was a girl at school. I also figured out that I was sub pretty early in life to, I started hanging out in the fetish scene in London when I was like 19 (I’m now 36, so you do the math!) . I guess I did add it in to a relationship then, I had been with that partner on and off from the age of 17. Lord I was with that twat from 17 to the age of 33 1/2 and it was not in any sense of the words ‘healthy’ or ‘normal’ , even before the whole D/s side got added in! (ok I could write about him, but I’m in a good place in my head and I don’t want to get sad!). I met maître through Kitten. Kitten and I dated for a few months, when I was on a break from the twat. (yes I know I sound like a friends episode) . He never made a move on my, but he looked out for me and explained what was going on around me. he became a friend and so did his girls. Then when things with my ex ended and I was in hospital, he and his girls came and looked after me and helped me get well. after a month or so I start having sex with him and playing with the girls. (god does that make me sound skanky?!?). It was kind of way for me to get my conference and trust back. After a while the D/s side came in to it and then my collar. (don’t ever get me started on my collar). Then after a lot of time we sort of got a romantic side, that all sort of came to a head after a business trip to a Berlin, with both of us missing each other to the point of constant text, phone calls and emails. When he got home , we talked put it to the girls that we liked each other in a way other than friends and other than D/s. With the girls blessing we decided to start dating , which in its self was weird as we had been living together for 5 months!

So we started dating. Now most people will go, and?!?! well see as I had been with the same person for nearly all my life and he had never had a steady gf , but choosing to have Female subs instead (he is a self-confessed he-slut) . It was so strange to actually go out on dates and do ‘normal’ stuff. Lol Due to the D/s side I found it really hard to act normal. I mean I don’t order my own food, pay for stuff or really talk to people without asking if its ok first. It also freaked me out using his first name. He however was just himself the whole time, that is to say he was a polite , chivalrous gentleman . HE has always opened door, pull chairs out for ladies and car doors. but one thing he struggled with (although he is super good at it now) is the fact that I hate going on dates to posh places. it’s just not me! SO he had to learn to be relaxed going to the cinema , the pub or out to play pool! but he got there, bless him!

But it still came as a massive shock that after 6 month of dating , when he was sat in A&E after I fell off a chair and cut my head open that he asked me to marry him. I of course said Yes! I think we shocked people big time with this. The girls had been asked before hand if they were ok with it . But my family were very much a mixed bag on it! My sister said she thought I should get a pre-nup, but changed her tune when she found out that the Frenchman earns more than me. my other sister was very supportive of it all. I think that shocked people the most that 12 weeks after we got engaged we got married, yup it was that quick! My mother said she was not coming as did not approve of the Frenchman. So his older, so he is strong and quiet and yes he have a habit of being grumpy , but he makes me happy. I think she disapproved because he has stood up to her and has also asked her to leave my house when she starts bullying me . My daddy was happy , but due to ill-health it looked like he would not be there (:() . The frogs mama found out and was on the first plane to the uk! Well any how, all turned out to be an Epic day! My daddy made it! I had planed x, y and z to happen and the frog said he was just going to turn up, but he meddled! but I am so glad he did! Everything went to his plane. Did have the added trip to McDonald’s for the bridal party, me faking an anxiety attack at the blessing cos I want a quickly and the embarrassment of us nearly get court shagging in the lift at the hotel! (I had been drinking and not had sex in 36 hours!)

So that is the story of me and the frog and how I became Mrs La Frog!  Makes me smile, giggle and horny thinking about it! (horny at drop of a hat right now!)


Pixie x x x x


Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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