How Do You Feel About Pain?

Today’s topic , or was it last nights?!?! I’ve been a little hopped up on caffeine and sugar for the last 24 hours or so, and things get hazy! lol I’m a light weight on so many levels, except the pain front! So what was I saying , oh yeah , are topic up for discussion onLoving BDSM 30 days of D/s is ‘How do you feel about pain?’ this was one we left Aunty May out of , cos well she’s great and all but well I’m not talking about my kinks with my 82-year-old great-aunt. Saying that she would probably  tell me I’m doing it wrong , stay and watch and give the Frog hints and tips!

So , anyway how do I feel about pain, well I belive I am what would be known as a pain slut. But I prefer the term enthusiast! Don’t get me wrong the are some pains I hate, like period pain , tooth ache and hang overs, I mean I’m not totally mad! I like the type of pain that I know is doing me good like yoga, Pilates and my physio. And then the is the type of pain that I get a huge , fucking high off  like spankings , crops and flogger. Hell I even find some pain relaxing , I have been know to doze off while getting inked!

The frog is always very weary with pushing me to hard on the pain and punishment side of things. He knows I get off on it , so he will use it as a rewards but only take me to like a level 6 or 7 . He does use a paddle or spanking on wet skin if I do something really naughty , cos that is the only sort of pain on the D/s side that I don’t like. Oh and never , ever needles but that is for the healthy and safety front , as I have a silly immune system and it could get very easy infected and I would be in hospital! He is also very a wear that I don’t always speak up when it start to get to intense for me. (I’m working on that though) I also have a really high pain thresh hold . I learnt to deal with physical pain from an early age , with hospital treatment (chest drains kill if you don’t relax) , from countless motor bike racing injuries and from the number of beatings I took from my ex (breathe pixie breathe).So he always has that at the back of his mind to, god I really am a lot of trouble and a head fuck some times!

The girls and pain, now that is a whole different kettle of fish! Kitten is like me she gets off on pain, we do a good line in being disciplined together! Little bear , well she is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes she likes it and some times  she hates it and can’t take it ! strangely the one part of she hate to much pain or force on are her boobs and having just had a boob reduction , well you can see why! Babe, well she hates pain! She will happily inflect pain on us, but the mere mention of a spanking gets her to behave. (strange woman) . As for the boss man , well he is a big old Sadist! lol I think he gets the same high I get from having pain infected on me from inflicting it! (match made in heaven?!?!) But he is also very good at the whole judging how the person is dealing with it , how far he can push and gives the best aftercare ever!

The only thing that I can’t or rather I wont do is to inflect pain on some one. I just don’t like doing it , I’m not very good at it and It makes me go errrr!

Any =way that is me and pain!


Pixie x x x x


Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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