So yesterday’s topic for discussion on the Loving BDSM 30 Day’s of D/s was Limits and what are mine/ are limits. It lead in to a talk about each of are hard and soft limits and how far we will let them be pushed. Now we all have are own different limits and we agreed that soft limits can be pushed till we use are ‘woo slow done ‘ Safe word , but we also agreed that hard limits , with us at least don’t get pushed. From a personal view my hard limits are stuff that makes me ewh! , tense or are likely to coarse me a great deal of mental distress! So I’m going to share my limits and explain them, cos I am waiting for the men folk , Again! (fyi beards seem harder work than hair and make up!)

Hard limits

  • Pee, Poop or Puke – Eww! just not in to it, never have never will.
  • Social Or Verbal humiliation – Thanks to my mother and my ex , this is something that makes me freeze up!
  • Fisting – Got the scares and had to have surgery to fix it, again thanks to my ex.
  • Breath Control – I have lung damage, asthma and an anxiety disorder , not really a safe thing to think about , really!
  • Bull whips – Again , been there, done that and got the scares, again thanks to my ex.
  • Being made to ‘Do’ the girls or any other submissive – Just not my thing and something that makes me very , very uncomfortable with.
  • Being touched by men without mine or your consent – Just really don’t like it!
  • Being ‘Worshiped’ By male subs, Ever! – Now don’t get me wrong I have loads of male friends that are sub, but I don’t find male sub sexauly attractive. I find them attractive, but I don’t have a Dom bone in my body, so it just not for me.
  • Swingers parties Again , been there , done that and got the scares. Again my ex! (he’s known as twat features by my friends!)

Soft Limits

  • Blindfolds and Gags – They make me really nerves and the boss man uses them as a punishment , but the way he does did leaves me wet and ready to go , so I’m learning to like them!
  • Being Domed be Female Doms – As long as the boss man is with me , I really like this! Oww maybe with a blindfold on!
  • Girl on top – For some reason it is the one position when it comes to sex that I’m um comfortable with , but I also want to learn to like it!
  • Strap ons – Shhh don’t tell the boss man but I love them really! Babe and her strap on! Love anything with babe at the other end of it!
  • Switch men being told what to do to me – Again as long as the Boss is the one giving the orders then I’m up for this. It’s about trust I guess?!?!?
  • Public play and sex  – ok so this is no big shocker! I love sex outside , in nature , but this is more about the risky stuff!

So well yeah that’s me and my Limits people! lol If nothing else its made me stop and think about them . Maybe I’ll have to have a think about them a bit more!


Pixie x x x x

Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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