How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment?

So today on Loving BDSM 30 days of D/s we are thinking about how we/ I feel about Discipline and punishment. We sat and chatted about this at lunch yesterday. Not with the frog , he was off doing manly stuff, but with the girls and a very lovely gay friend Emmet. We did get a few odd looks from are waitress when she brought are food and we were half way through talking about spankings , humiliation and collars. HAHA I think I may have got a few raised eyebrows from Sir beasty when I msg him saying we had found a great outside spot for a shag , but the only man we had with us was gay. Emmet being practical as always said he would hold on to the dog , if us girls wanted to play! (Love him)

Now to me discipline is not just something you get or have in a relationships. sportspeople , writer and doctors are disciplined in the way the work , well anyone who is passionate about their job will be. I am very Passionate about my jobs, my family and my hobbies. I am also very passionate about my lifestyle and home life, so I would say I like disipline  in life. it is a way of me having control, balance and order that I crave. that is one of my ‘coping’ tools. I have my rules very clearly set down for me, as I said yesterday all 14 pages of them. Belive it or not I have a handy pdf on my dropbox and on my ipad (that goes every place with me) that’s not to say I don’t break my rules, cos I do and I hell I enjoy breaking them sometimes!

punishment is something that I love for a lot of reasons . I guess the main one is that punishment helps me learn to be a better submissive and a better person. it helps me grow (do I sound like a hippie???). very few of the punishments I get have anything to with physical pain , cos I’m a huge pain slut! lol . I do get a paddle from time to time though. the Frenchman is very creative with punishment , believing that it should fit the crime and it should sting! As I have said before we do things a little different for me . I have different levels of rule breaks and different levels of punishments. The girls are allowed to give me warning for little rule breaks like putting myself down or letting my sister belittle me. 5 warnings means a 5 * punishment. to explain it better I’m going to share the examples I have in my contract with maîtriser to explain it a little better.


 . No pudding after dinner

. No kissing the girls

. Someone else cooking dinner

. No bed time story

.  30 min time out, no tech, no talking and no eye contact

. 10 mins holding present

. 100 words on what I did wrong

. 10 on each check with a paddle

. no alone time

. no good bye kiss in the morning


2* –

. No cuddles with the girls

. No talking for 2 hours

. sent to bed early, on my own

. 4-hour tech ban

. 20 on each with a paddle

.  Hands on bed for the first 3 mins

. No serving maître for 2 hours.

.  Nipple clamps for an hour

. Leg and arm workout at the gym

. No touching myself while watching porn



. No make out sessions with the girls

. Hands on the bed for the whole time that maître goes down on me till I cum

. Wearing my egg or remote out and no cumming

. 30 on both check with a paddle

. Total tech ban for a whole day.

.500 words on what I did wrong

. 30 mins in whatever position maître puts me in, blindfolded

. blow job without using hands with maître in control.

. No bath, only showers for 3 days

. No talking at meal times for a week.



. Total tech ban for 3 days

. No date night

. No playing with the girls

. No cuddles in bed with maître

. No social media or phone for the whole day.

. No talking for the whole day.

. No free time for 3 days.

. 40 on each check with a paddle

. No touching myself for 3 days.

. No toys for 3 days.



. Tech ban for 5 days

. Total social media blackout for 3 days (not to included work media)

. No treats for 5 days

. No free time for a week.

. No serving maître for the whole day.

. No Cumming for 3 days

. No contact without side friends for 3 days.

. 100 on each check with a paddle

. Being driven to college by jazzy

. No access to office and work room for 3 days

so that is are twisted little take on discipline and punishment. Not for many I guess and yeah it a little like a kid getting punished , but it works for Me/ us so hay ho!



Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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