House Rules…

So after righting about rules and contracts and like yesterday , I thought people would like a giggle and have a look at are house rules! So ask the Boss man and he said yes!


·         No raised voices or shouting. If you need to speak with someone, walk and find them.

·         Chores and daily tasks are to be checked by Babe or Mouse.

·         No shoes worn in the house, only slippers or bare feet.

·         No eating while walking around, sit at the table, or cross legged on the floor or bed.

·         Be respectful, polite, and supportive to each other all times

·         No back chatting or sassing, at any time.

·         If in doubt check with Babe.

·         maîtriser is to be met at the door and if possible on your knees

·         Collars are to be warn always.

·         Bath times should be shared.

·         Maîtriser decides punishments.

·         If given blows, remember to count aloud.

·         Ask before using other people’s things.

·         If you use it, but it away.

·         If you empty it fill it up.

·         If it runs out, replace it.

·         Think before you talk and act.

·         Be mindful of other people’s personal rules and protocols.

·         If some asks for space, give it to them.

·         Observe clothing rules always.

·         Consent, respect, and love always.

·         Healthy food, hydration, and exercise daily.

·         No guest without permission

·         Homework, admin, and craft projects are done in the studio or at the kitchen table.

·         Exercise is done in the living room, if it’s not in use.

·         Last one to bed locks the back and the front doors.

·         Mouse oversees all things dog.

·         No slamming of doors.

·         Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

·         Bedtime is 11pm

·         Self-harm, drug taking or excessive alcohol intake are not allowed in this house, every.

·         Remember, everything tony ask is done out of love and with your best interest at heart.

·         Mouse is not allowed to have her mother, father, or sisters over without someone with her.

·         Always be open, honest, and up front always.

·         Lies will not be tolerated at all.

·         Keep your personal belongings safe and tidy always.

·         Babe has the keys to the meds cabinet and is to be asked if anything is needed

·         This is our home, but remember that Mouse owns this house, so show it the same respect you show Mouse.

·         Mouse and little bear are not to try and fix anything electrical

·          Maîtriser’s word is final, but if you feel you need to have words about something, do so in a calm, polite and respectful manner.

·         Live and love freely!


Pixie x x x x









































Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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