Names and how we got them……

So, I got talking to a nurse yesterday about my name. She was kind of amused and thought I was using a fake name. Luckily my Great Aunty May was with me and explained that its quit a common name in the part of Ireland I’m from and it was also my Nana’s name. (FYI – My nana was fucking awesome!). It got me thinking about names and the many meanings they can have.

I mean my lovely wonderful amazing and awesome Dom goes by a lot of names. (I maybe sucking up a little with all the nice things I said, but we go on holiday net Friday and we are looking forward to a VS shopping trip). His Christian name is Antoine, but the are only 3 people in this world that get to call him that. His 94-year-old Nona, His mother and My great aunty may. To most he is just Tony, cos he hates Antoine. My god kids call him Uncle Tony and my niece and nephew call him Neeeeiiii! Myself and the girls refer to him as Maîtriser, which is French for master (his half French half Italian) r. We are allowed to call him tony if we are in polite company (none kinky company), but it feels very odd to do that. We of course have been pet names for him, we often refer as the grumpy Frenchman, the crazy frog or Frenchie, but only cos he allows us to.


He has given us all pet names to. (I don’t referee to the girls as anything but their pet names on this blog cos of work and family stuff) Babe got her name from the reaction of most people when they first see her, they tend to go ‘Wow, what a babe’ cos well she is a stunning girl! She stands 6ft tall with brown eye, dark brown hair, slim, great boobs, and the most amazing smile! She quit often gets sub men calling her mistress and will very politely points to her collar and smile, it’s an easy mistake to make really! Kitten gets her name for the nose she makes when she has someone going down on her. She mews and purrer! It has nothing to do with animal play, she really is not into that. She does now how to snuggle for Poland, so the is that. I love hearing the frog say that’s a good girl kitten, means I get to snuggle with her or make her come, which is just the best thing ever! our little bear got her pet name for many reasons? The little part, cos well she’s a little and kind of in a little john way if you get me?!? The bear part is down to the fact she is like a bear cub, she is just so full of energy and mischief, she never sits still, gives the biggest hugs ever and can be a grumpy bum if you wake her up at 6 am to do yoga!

Then you have me, I seem to be known as a lot of things. Maîtriser calls me his Little Mouse. Again, this has nothing to do with animal play. It’s mainly down to the fact that I am a very quiet and timid person, no really I am. I may talk a good fight, but I have a huge anxiety problem, that I have learnt to deal with. But a lot of the time I will let others take the lead and be the that shine. That is one thing I Adour about the Frenchman, he lets me draw on his calm support when I need it so I can be the one who shines, sometimes and when I need to! The girls call me the house mouse at times. because I love nothing more than squaring around at home, keeping it clean and tidy, make sure everyone has everything they need and is on track and basically making home! I get call Yoda if drunk, cos I make no sense hat so ever and I get called Berry if I have too much sugar or caffeine, as I sat running, tripping over and squeak like a Ribena berry. If I am in trouble with maîtriser, its girl or missy. My Aunty may calls madam or daft bint, but I let her cos she is the head of my family. The are names I will not allow myself to be called, Bitch, Slut, Slag, or Whore. Cos well I’m none of them and I just plan don’t like them. The are two names that I get called by maîtriser that turn me to mush. The first is My Girl, cos well I am ‘His’ Girl! The other is something a friend called me recently, which seems to of stuck, that is little Mama. Cos well that is what I’m going to be! (that was thank to are darling Sir Beasty!)

So that is are names and what they mean to us!


Pixie x  x x x

Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

4 thoughts on “Names and how we got them……”

  1. Very cool to hear how you and your family got their nicknames. It’s fun to have and give pet names. I often call Sir/Daddy “Mr Sexy Pants” and one of his pet names for me is “babydoll” which just makes me melt.

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