Big me… (or Saturday night punishment!)

So, a few weeks ago the Boss man made me sit down and write a list of things my little side loves doing. Well after having a minor melt down last night (yeah right!)  I have been sat in front of my lap top and told to write a list of all the things that grown up side of me loves about myself! I feel I should explain why I had a meltdown. Firstly, the Frenchie had to work late as a client was not in the mood to get up till 3 pm, meaning he had to work late and again break are plans for the evening, at very late point in the day. Kitten and Babe had promised to spend the evening at home, but got offered some last-minute work, that they took and broke are plans. Then to top this off are sweet little bear went to see her mum, who she is not meant to see on her own, braking are plans for a family night at home! I got pissy and grumpy that I had been left at home on my own. I stroped at several of my friends, that reminded me that others have jobs and lives of their own to lead. Now I will say the way I acted was a little selfish, rude and I was childish, but maîtriser has also pointed out that we were all at fault for not actually talking it through and for being a little bit thoughtless to the others in are little family. Kitten has had to go without her phone for 4 hours, Babe has had to do as she is told, without asking questions all day and my darling little bear has not been allowed sweets, ice cream or peanut butter all day. that may not sound like punishment to most but the boss man knows how to make the punishment sting! Lol That would be why I’m sat writing on a Saturday night and not cuddled up in bed with the girls! But bless him he’s said we could give him a punishment for braking his promise of being home on time and not working late on a Friday night. We decided he must come home on time every night for 2 weeks and we should be allowed to go shopping at Victoria’s secrets when we go to the sates at the end of the month! (I should mention that when we went to NYC last year for kitten and my birthday we spent a HUGE amount in the space of a 3-hour visit!) So, any way here’s My list of BIG me things …



1)      I hold an BA & MA in fashion and textile design, but chose to retrain as I was very unhappy working in that field. I now hold a second BA in a different area.

2)      I run not 1, but 3 business.

3)      I run a house hold of 5 adults, 7 dogs and whoever else happens to be in it! (we have an open-door policy)

4)      I speak fluent Gallic, Russian, French and English. I also speak polish, Arabic, Latin and German, at a conversational level. I’m also learning Italian, for fun!

5)      I used to road and drag race motorbikes for fun. I stopped racing 2 years ago, due to ill health but I still work from time to time as pit crew!

6)      I own 3 motorbikes of my own

7)      I have 35 tattoos and 7 pricings.

8)      I am a member of the guild of mater tailors.

9)      I have worked in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Belfast.

10)   I love all things Corsets!

11)   Likewise, I have a HUGE passion for posh underwear!

12)   I have 2 Nieces, 2 nephews, 13 goddaughters, 11 godsons, who mean the world to me.

13)   I have a very high pain threshold and fall asleep getting inked!

14)   I can break it to houses, hot wire a car, and pick locks

15)   I hold a door people’s license for all the boughs in London, surrey, and Sussex!

16)   I played rugby and basketball at uni, as well as kick boxing and normal boxing.

17)   I can take down the prop forward for London Irish!

18)   I’m fiercely loyal, kind to a fault and believe in 2nd chances, but cross my twice and I’m coming at you all guns blazing!

19)   I Love my Maitsier and my Girls more than words.

20)   I survived 14 year of  Domestic abuse, that ended in rape and almost being killed. (that is the first time I have ever written that down for people outside my circle to read)


 Well that was cathartic!


Pixie x x x x


Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

4 thoughts on “Big me… (or Saturday night punishment!)”

  1. Hi Pixie! I totally agree with you about #10. Me too. 😉 I mean, for her.. with me.. It’s very sexy. And 35 tattoos and 7 piercings. That sounds like another post by itself.. about what and especially where. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah I might try writing about my tattoos and piercings at some point, but I would have to keep myself in check as tattoos make me very horny! lol over share! piercings are each ear 3 times, tongue, both nipples and my clit!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, you definitely need to write a post on this! I don’t mind you oversharing. Overshare away. My tongue is already salivating at what you shared here.. 😉


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