The dairy of pixie heart – 3/4/17 – 9/4/17


Dairy mouse:

Monday April 3rd, 2017: 6am – I first time in a while I have not wanted to get up! Dogs walked, Yoga done , breakfast eaten and meds and neb done. I hate not being able to eat breakfast in my own kitchen in the nude or just in my jammies! But seeing as we are all staying with my boss Mitch, I don’t think we should even go there!

9.30am – Again, I / we are home sick as hell! We would have the kids with us but we can’t and it kills! So it’s shopping for New Jersey and lunch out.

12.45pm – Little bear must be mighty sad she refused a Happy meal for her lunch! So, we have gone for the ultimate comfort food and had baked potatoes!

1.30pm – I’m so bored! The is only so much time I can shop for and only so many walks the hounds can take!

3pm – Everything is prepped for classes tonight, I am that fe up I’m having a nap!

4.30pm – So I’ve had a snack, packed a sandwich, loaded the car and Now Big Steve is driving me to training. Can I come home for cuddles?!

6pm – I do not like the 1 ½ drive to get to work on a Monday afternoon!

6.30 pm – upside of having a ‘Body guard ‘ is the mats only took mins to put out! So, let’s do this crap!

10pm – Epic evening of teaching, I should be bouncing of the walls and happy, but I just feel flat, please can we come home!

11.35pm – Ok so getting home to find my kitten in tears cos she is homesick is the final straw!

12.15am –  Thank you to the stars and back! Letting us come home is what we need. I know you just want to keep us safe and looked after , but we need you, so we are happy and not sad all the time!

Tuesday 4th April 2017: 5.45am –  Dogs walked, yoga done, breakfast eaten, meds and neb done Bags packed, girls got up, hounds loaded and we are on our way home!  Mus look like his about to hurl, think his had too much beer last night!

10am – only I decided to come home on the one day that the feck M25 turns in to stand still traffic! Not fair I really need a wee!

11.30am – Home!

12pm – how come we have food left in the house?! Have you not been eating? Worried little mouse now!

1pm – So I made a list of food and bits we need and have sent Babe and Jazzy, flanked by Steve. I have got the first of about 7 loads of washing on . Mus is sweeping and mopping the floors (again I hate people cleaning my house for me!) Nikie and me are on a blitzing the house mission!

4pm – House is clean!!! I’m cooking proper dinner and pudding. Off to walk the hounds, with the girls and mus and Steve.

5.45pm – Your home!!! See is it not nicer to be meet at the front door by your girls and a drink?!?!

7pm – See I am awesome at guessing what you need for dinner!


7.15pm  – Housekeeping shower, care to join!

8.15pm – Ok so I’m really fucking clean! Dear god I have not cum that hard in a very long time! So, glad I have your bite marks back on my neck, boobs, and shoulders, I feel owned again!

9pm – Yup, you cannot get better than laying naked on your own sofa and watching the TV! Thank you for letting Babe and Mus have some fun, although blimey could he get any loader? Oh, wait she’s got her Dom head on and has her tongue stud in! lol

10.15  – Bed time , play time! Oh, god you have 3 weeks of lack of supervision to make up for J just saying Frenchie;)

1am – Please , please , please let me sleep now?!?!

Wednesday 5th April 2017 – DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN! I swear I am never going to walk straight again, ever. Yoga done , dogs walked , breakfast eaten , Meds and neb done! Washing on , cloths hung out to dry and ironing the first 3 baskets done! Now to tackle the emails, admin and fucking accounts!

12pm – Christ my head hurts! Lunch, nap and then to pick up the rug rats from bee’s!

2pm – How has Tally got so much bigger in the space of 33 weeks?! and Tino can focus on people now!!! Loved the fact Taylor was looking for ‘NEEE’ . My nephew has a boy crush on my boo!

4pm – Dinner is in , dogs are walked , House work done and admin done! I am now going to play with the little ones!

5pm  – So you came home early to see me and the girls?!? So why did you make a beeline for the little ones and why have you offered to take them for a walk before dinner, on your own?!?! Softie!

6pm – diner for 8 growed ups, 2 tiddlers and a Tino without breaking a sweat!

7pm – Ok now I know you are going soft in your old age. Bathing the babies and reading them bed time stories?! Love you Frenchie!

11pm – how come I’m in bed naked with the girls and you?! I fell asleep, again didn’t I?!?!

Thursday 6th April 2017: 6 am – Up yoga done, babies up and fed, dogs walked, breakfast eaten, meds and neb done. You and the girls are harder to get up and ready then 3 under 2s how is that possible?!?

9am – Why or why, 5 adults and 3 babies to a midwife appointment, really!?!?

10.15 – Thank god for babe and her note pad! I have no idea what she said. Oh, and yes, I do blush when you go on about our selfie and when I must stop having sex and what type of sex I can have! Jesus wept I’m pregnant, not dyeing!

11 am – ok so the ‘cuddle’ before Charlie and Izzy getting here was nice!

11.30am – So I have decided to push myself. I’m taking the kids to ikea!

1pm – we made it safe! Charlie is helping me get the food, with Tino in his sling. Izzie has tally and Taylor and is getting high chairs and a table. I swear we are not normal, the kids around us are screaming for chocolate and ice-cream! My lot ae tucking in to salad , grilled chicken and bread!

1.45 pm – Ok now I know were weird! Charlie and Izzy are walking round and showing things that want when we move. Tino is kipping in his sling, Taylor is chatting away and blowing kisses at all the ladies and tallie is sitting on every sofa and chair! They are wonderfully bonkers and I love them all!

3.15pm – So that is IKEA done! I have bought new glasses, 2 new vases and some bedding stuff. I got new boxes for our toys! We are now having ice-cream!

4.30pm – home! Dogs walked and then to make a quick tea!

6pm – it does amaze me how you all turn up on time for tea! Does that mean I have you well trained!? And does that mean I’m getting a spanking later?! 😉

8pm – baths, stories and bedtime done! Now it is time to play!

11pm – Yummy! I do love it when you tell people what to do to me! Steve is , mmmmm and Mus maybe a grumpy shit at times, but god does that man have moves! Tee hee hee , slightly unfair to let the bear at him! I still don’t like paddles though! Oh and fyi , nipple clamps did make me cum!

Friday 7th April 2017: 6am – up, dressed, kids up and dressed. Breakfast , meds and neb done . Dogs walked, ironing finished and beds all changed. Girls breakfast done .

10am – So we are off to play at the park! It’s like I’ve packed for a small milatrey operation! Tally, Taylor and Tino are all awake and Charlie wants to run to the park. Izzie is being a huge help and carried my handbag !

12.30pm – So we are off to north cuts for lunch! Taylor managed to pull himself up on the park bench! (must ask bee if he is doing that at home!)

2pm – Home for naps!

3pm – Fab you’re working late, due to someone not getting out of bed! Yes, I’m prissy, as it seems Kitten and Babe have said they will work and Jazzy has gone to the mums. We had plans for a girlie night. FML!

4.30 pm 0 Dogs walked again. Home for home work and tea!

5.30pm – Good lord , how much food do kids put away!

6.45pm – Babies bathed and in bed asleep! I’m a childcare ace!

7.30pm – Charlie informed me that he is having a shower and reading himself a story!

8.45- Izzie is in bed asleep. Kind of bummed I’m on my own on a Friday night L

9.15pm  – I don’t like being on my own! So, I have written a letter, finished my course work and I’m now going to start writing this C&FUR course!

10pm – Call from Jazzy to say their car broke down! Thank god, I thought something really bad had happened or they would rather work than be at home! Sorry I went all needy and silly, I still get days when I think this is all going to come crashing down on me and I still don’t believe 100 % that people like me for me! I know I get punished and I know I needy to work on that side of things. I will do better!

11pm – well your home and punishments have been handed out!

12.15am – even when your mad at us you still love us! Thank you x x x

Saturday 8th April 2017: 6.15am – Up , dressed , breakfast done and meds and neb done. Dogs walked , yoga done and house tidied! Babies up, fed and clean. Thank you for taken Charlie to the café with you and the boys for breakfast! Issie and I are going to do the gardening! Sorry Tally woke you up by licking your foot ,  know idea what is up with her!??!

11.45 am – Not sure if I should be worried about Tally?! She seems obsessed with licking people and the dogs! She has spent this morning running around in just a t shirt and nappy, she will not leave uncle Fred alone and sat on the bottom stair for the postman so she could blow kisses at him! Any way Thank you for Tinos bouncer, he spent an hour squealing like a pig! Thank you again for taking Taylor and Charlie to the park! X

12.45 – Uncle Fred really does know how to make a woman happy. Soup , salad and bread and a massive jug of ice tea!

2pm  – Gardening done and tidied away! Time to walk the hounds again!

3.45pm – I can’t stand the taste of wine what is going on!

4.55pm – My darling frog, just because you’re a man does not mean you can BBQ meat and BBQing said meat does not count as cooking dinner! WE are doing the salads, the bread, the corn, the sweet potatoes and sorting the table and drinks out!

6pm  – See I told you so! Spanking later?!?!? But thank you for letting us have a BBQ, perfect end to a perfect day!

9pm  – Ok singing round the fir pit was the perfect end to the perfect day!

12pm – Ok play time was the perfect end to the perfect day! Love you! x

Sunday 9th April 2017: 6am – yoga done, dogs walked with the girls, home to find you not only up, but fed the kids and babies, with Tino strapped to you and Tally and Taylor in just their nappies! WTF! Thank you for clarifying that it is easier to wipe down the little ones instead of changing their cloths and of course it makes perfect sense that Tino is strapped to you cos he kept cry and wanted cuddles! Silly me!

10am- How long does it take to get 4 women ready for a day at the lido?!?! Well we need to make sure we look perfect , right!

10.30am – Lido!

12pm – So I have swam, played in the pool, got stared at and eaten ice cream! I am now going to sit under the sun shade and eat my lunch! I’m very sorry I giggled at you trying to get Tally in to her swim gear, to put sun cream on her and a hat, but it was funny! J

3pm – Nope I was reading not sleeping honest!

4pm – Home and ahhhh! Me and the girls loved our family day, thank you ! x oh and yes my boobies are sun burnt!

6pm – Ok so I did full asleep that time , but ….. Can we get take out for dinner?! Deliveroo?! Please?!

8pm – So yes, I want to do my home work on a Sunday night!

9pm – so I am coming to bed now, oh great and powerful master!

12pm – Christ I need that! Cumming 5 times always makes me want food and super sleepy!

So that was my week! posting it today as I have to be out the house at silly o’clock tomorrow!


Pixie x x x x

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