where the hell has Pixie Heart been!?!?

Well I’m back, again! It feels like years since I last had 5 mins to myself , weeks of not being at home and living out of a suitcase have nearly killed me, but it’s sorted now and I’m back! Basicly I was ill, my family acted like t!&$s, we got attacked by a cyber robber and the boss man’s business interests turned nasty! (I know what his main job is , but I keep out of any other business dealings!)

We got sent on what turned out to be an epic holibobs to Italy for 2 weeks , came home and within 24 hours got sent away again, this time flanked by big Steve and Mus. I had to teach and the was no way of getting out of it so , the girls , dogs and our body guards all had to come with me. Turned out to actually be great fun and we all had a blast. But on Monday night myself and the girls skyped the Frenchie and begged to come home. Yes we had each other, but it was not home . It was missing are Boss man and with everything we have going on as a group and personally , none of us were coping very well. Turns out neither was the frog , so we manged to negotiate us coming home. So we are home!

The are rules to us being home so we stay super safe, but we are home!

well that’s where we have been and now were back!

so hugs,

Pixie x x x x

Author: pixieheartblog

Pixie Heart, living a happy polly , D/s life and loving it!

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